YOKKAO 9 China Highlights: Muay Thai and K-1 Rules Earthquake!

YOKKAO 9 rewrote the pages of history for ring sports in China. The enormous crowd of YOKKAO 9 at the football stadium of Xinyang was attended by more than 10000 fans who came from all over…

Campeonato realizado na Cidade Ocidental/ GO em 29/05/2011.

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23 Responses to “YOKKAO 9 China Highlights: Muay Thai and K-1 Rules Earthquake!”

  1. wuu ben says:

    holy shiiittt
    that guys monobrow at 9:53

  2. Darrien Thomas says:

    What is the name of this song

  3. satonaka halu says:

    wtf k-1 can use elbow now? so its means no body can stop buakaw benchamek
    now if k-1 allow fighter to use elbow…that just boring..always buakaw who
    win =.=”

  4. Yuxian09 says:

    What happened at 3:55 to cause the bottles being thrown/ Were elbows

  5. Cedric Zirtacic says:

    That guy at 3:55 got even more closer and missed it… What a jerk.

  6. Audio 9999 says:

    Yokkoa boxing your company really shamefull, only upload video when your
    fighters wins

  7. Adams Zero says:

    Ekapop says before his fight “I win by ko at second round”, never
    underestimate his opponent.

  8. TheCrystianRonaldo says:

    chines não tem pinto

  9. Diego Rodrigues says:

    Good sh**!

  10. cudencuden says:

    lol that ref has a nice afro going

  11. Ryan Lee says:

    +Conan Sony lol all these fighters are Yokkao fighters.. Are you dumb?

  12. Ronin 187 says:

    chinese pigs.. why the fuck they were throwing bottles at him?!

  13. Diego Rodrigues says:

    Can any one tell me what track was used in this vid.
    I love that song!

  14. พีระพล วงศ์ทอง says:

    fucking chinese throwing shit they dont like it when others play dirty but
    their known for cheating and playing dirty

  15. ryu hollande says:

    Stephanie is so beautiful !
    chinese fighters look very good please post full event fights !

  16. Adam Malik Masidi says:

    If you discount Yi Long, the Chinese fighters did quite well in the event.
    Hats off to the Chinese Muay Thai team!

  17. 大唐帝国 says:

    Thai so wild.

  18. coldshandy says:

    what is the music?

  19. Audio 9999 says:


  20. dannypbass says:

    Fucking yellow fuckers 3.55……

  21. THISGUY says:

    Jesus way to be disrespectful to the fighters at 3:55

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