“Win. Lose. Forgive.” – Muay Thai Documentary

“Win. Lose. Forgive.” is a short documentary film (run-time 27 minutes) that offers a glimpse into the world of Muay Thai and the lessons it teaches. The film features legends of Muay Thai:…

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13 Responses to ““Win. Lose. Forgive.” – Muay Thai Documentary”

  1. Bryan Partington says:

    I am in my forties now and thinking of doing Mauy Thai, haven’t done it for
    many years but this has given me motivation.

  2. jokur says:

    the homie Daniel Kim i see u

  3. Paul Orta says:

    Definitely recommending this to a Good friend. Inspiration from beginning
    to end!

  4. Sam A says:

    Great video, truly great and inspiring. Win. Lose. Forgive. I wish I had
    this mentality sooner.

  5. Justin Castilla says:

    I got to work with Jongsanan for two years at Fairtex a while back. The man
    has the biggest and kindest heart in the business. It’s great to see him
    practicing what he loves and lives.

  6. Joseph Coero says:

    Hey Sensei! I will hopefully be returning to the dojo soon! Great
    documentary, very emotional :) 

  7. mrRosen1989 says:

    so are this in america or in thailand

  8. KerryDSC says:

    brilliantly done.

  9. Sam A says:

    0:59 that knee

  10. Acir Mandello Junior says:

    Amazing documentary!!! Thank you very much for giving the opportunity of
    learning more about Muay Thai and it’s philosophy. 

  11. Andrew Alvarado says:

    Thank you for posting this! Great video!

  12. Takingout thetrash says:

    Muay Thai > Wing Chun

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