Why You Should Learn Muay Thai in Thailand

Why You Should Learn Muay Thai in Thailand

Are you interested in learning the martial art known as Muay Thai? If you are, there is no better place to do so than with Muay Thai trainers in Thailand. Why, you ask? Because Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai, and you will find that it holds a special place in the hearts of the people there. The following article is an account of the history and evolution of the revered martial art.

Muay Thai is considered the national sport of the country of Thailand, its country of origin. There is general agreement that the sport is an evolution of Muay Boran (literally, “ancient boxing”). Like many other forms of martial art, though, an aspect relating to the origins of Muay Thai – that is, the development of Muay Boran – has been the subject of many debates, with two accounts often facing head-on. The first theory states that Muay Boran was developed by the Siamese military, based on Krabi Krabong. Krabi Krabong is a martial art that makes use of two weapons, a staff (thus, “krabong”) and a sword (“krabi”). It has an unarmed version, though; in this case, it makes use of typical movements found in unarmed martial arts such as kicks and throws done with precision. The second account, on the other hand, is simpler. It merely states that Muay Boran was a combat method used by the Siamese soldiers who have lost their weapons in battle.

Whichever theory is true, though, one thing is certain: Muay Thai began as a fighting technique used by soldiers in warfare. So how did it evolve into the sport that it is today?

As warfare is not a permanent state in the country, Muay Thai, when not utilized as a combat method, became a source of entertainment. Soldiers trained in the art would go head-to-head and fight in front of a crowd. As time passed, the popularity of the said sport rose, making Muay Thai matches a staple during festivals and other celebrations. Soon, these likewise became a form of entertainment for the king. During this time the fighters began wearing protective gear (in the form of hemp) around their forearms and their hands – something which can still be seen in Muay Thai matches today.

The prestige and esteem bestowed upon Muay Thai fighters today was a result of the further development of the martial art and its increasing popularity. From merely engaging in matches organized during local festivities, Muay Thai fighters became respected individuals who were invited by royalty to reside in their palaces. They were then asked to train the royal guards, the royal staff, and even the princes in the art of Muay Thai to be able to better protect themselves (in the case of the princes) and the King (in the case of the guards).

In the years that followed Muay Thai became not only a fighting technique, a source of entertainment and as a means for personal advancement, but a form of exercise as well. This development came as a result of the peace that eventually enveloped Thailand under the reign of Rama V. It was also because of his love for the arts and sports that a set of rules for Muay Thai was formed, which in turn gave the sport a semblance of legitimacy.

This account of the history of Muay Thai shows not only its evolution, but its importance to Thailand and its people. This martial art has embedded itself in the consciousness and way of life of even the simplest Thai folk. For this reason alone, it is not puzzling why more and more people choose to learn Muay Thai from Muay Thai trainers in Thailand.

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