What’s The Difference Between Kickboxing & Muay Thai?

Learn MUAY THAI Online▻http://www.MyFightGym.com Muay Thai is more popular than ever thanks to the UFC, Glory, K-1, and other MMA and kickboxing federations. But some people don’t really…

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25 Responses to “What’s The Difference Between Kickboxing & Muay Thai?”

  1. anaconda118 says:

    Shane you badly contradicted yourself there. First you said that it was
    vague to state that the difference between Kickboxing and Muai Thai was
    just the clinch/kness/elbows but then you later said that was exactly the
    difference but there were many more which you never told us?!

    Allow me to explain ;

    The clinch is the biggest difference, knees and elbows change so much. A
    kickboxer has many more kicks than a Muai Thai exponent but most of these
    don’t work against the Thai fighter as he can destroy them with the clinch.

    A Muai Thai fighter has pathetic boxing compared to a Kick boxer and this
    is primarily due to the difference in stance/ footwork.

    I think Muai Thai fighters’ greatest weakness is their boxing ability but
    perhaps it’s not always an issue in a Thai fight.

    Muai Thai fighter’s eg. Anderson Silva, immediately seek a boxing coach
    when fighting in MMA as it is so important.

    Most of Muai Thai does not work in MMA as it gets beaten by the wrestler.

    You can use more western boxing in MMA as it is a smaller system and MMA
    uses Boxing footwork, not to mention many more kicks than in Muai Thai.

    My advice is to learn Kickboxing over Muai Thai, then you may add some Muai
    Thai elements in for MMA.

  2. Eren Bilir says:

    Can you make a. How to fight like bruce lee?

  3. Alex Ramirez says:

    Can you do a boxing video please ?

  4. Haleem Ali says:

    shane can you do video on tips on boxing championship bouts because i got
    the championship in april 

  5. fightTIPS says:

    Do you know what the difference between #Kickboxing and #MuayThai is?
    Here’s a super-quick explaination!

  6. Brent Strathdee-Pehi says:

    I’m by no means an expert but I find it interesting and often disappointing
    how many westerners (or people not from the country and culture of a
    martial art) tend to bypass the historical, cultural and spiritual elements
    and just go for the fighting/ physical stuff – that seems to be the case
    often here anyway (I’m in New Zealand). I’ve only recently started learning
    Muay Thai after boxing for a couple of years – I’m spending a month in
    Thailand in July (out in a rural village in Issan mainly) so I’m not just
    learning skills and techniques for the physical side but also as a gateway
    to learning something of their culture – I wonder how many westerner Muay
    Thai people can string together a sentence in Thai? Obviousoly its not
    necessary but yeah I’m just curious!

  7. Ali Hussain says:

    Shane, who’s the next fighter for fight like?
    Also can you do a video for kicking drills? thanks in advance

  8. Cristian Luna says:

    so kickboxing is basically MMA while standing up.

  9. Corey Witt says:

    Shane i have just started boxing. When I throw a hook I get a painful shock
    through my wrist, what can I do ti prevent this? Love the videos have
    helped me out a lot thanks

  10. Carson Jacobucci says:

    I love your work Shane because it has helped me today, today I was jumped
    by some kids at school and they demanded I fight the strongest one in the
    group, I told them no so they got ahold of my neck in a choke hold so I did
    the blocking to prevent and get out of the choke hold it worked so the big
    guy got ahold of me and hit me so I said, ok I will fight him not because I
    want to but because self defense, so I got at him from long distances and
    destroyed him, he then began to cry with his blood dripping from his nose
    and the school students were watching from the Windows, (This is during
    lunch by the way) and I am now the talk of the school. After school I met
    up with the kid that tried to harm me, (he is a 11grader) and ask if we
    could stop this stuff between us not be friend if you want but just stop
    this he said ok so I’m waiting for Monday too see what’s to come of us

  11. marek trzyrzyk says:

    I am not good in English but I have a question how to fight with man who
    knows taekwondo really well? Can you show that in next video?

  12. x Hasan says:

    And i thought you’d say something about pointfighting and light contact
    etc.. Too 

  13. Levon Enfiajyan says:

    Main difference is that Muay Thai is from Thailand where everyone is a

  14. Jordan Bouma says:

    SHANE! Great new idea! Do a fights like a grappler! Like Royce Gracie!
    Mabey that could bring in some new viewers. 

  15. Herp Derp says:

    Hey man, I enjoy your videos very much, great tips very helpful, but just
    out of curiosity, did…did you dye your hair a different color or is it
    the camera, i thought you were a redhead lol

  16. Darzo says:

    shane I have a question in a fight In the ring or the street what should
    you do when someone hits you first in the face or if someone sucker punches
    you because it take long to recover

  17. André Amorim says:

    How to fight like Junior “Cigano” dos Santos!!

  18. Rickai85 says:

    A more technical difference between Kickboxing and Muay Thai is the body
    movements and planes of motions. Muay Thai is very much about rotation
    around the transverse plane, when throwing low kicks, head kicks, elbows,
    kness, and mostly, the clinch. These techniques require knowledge and skill
    on learning how to rotate the body and use the kinetic energy to transfer
    to exploding power as your strike too

    I suppose in comparison, Kickboxing is as technical, but in a different
    sense. I feel that Kickboxing has way too many organisations and different
    associations have different “rules” and it just feels unnatural to be held
    back by so many rules. Muay Thai is very brutal and natural and Kickboxing
    is more technical and “flashy”

    I train both and enjoy both equally as well :)

  19. Anthonycruzlbc says:

    Can you do how to fight like boyka? 

  20. Etienne Muller says:

    Muay Thai is a Martial Art, it’s the school of Life and the “real”
    Kickboxing is just a sport. I tried both, but my heart beats for Muay Thai

  21. xnow thelastmc says:

    To sum it up even more, its basically in the rules and prefered techniques.
    What I got out of cross training in different arts is Muay Thai is more
    power based with slow steps, power punches, hard kicks using the shin, and
    of course clinching elbows and knees. American style kickboxing was
    basically boxing with above the waist kicks with foot and no elbows or long
    clinches. U can see it in mma fighters stand up. If they use kickboxing
    they’re probably fast with the hands, light on their feets, kick fast and
    almost never use elbows. Watch a GLORY match or an old World Combat league
    fight, then watch a match from Lion Fights or an old Lupanee match and you
    can tell its all in the rule set. In GLORY they make you fight under
    “kickboxing” rules

  22. John Harvey Dent says:

    What’s The Difference Between Kickboxing & Muay Thai?:

  23. amy emam says:

    What’s The Difference Between Kickboxing & Muay Thai?:

  24. Sonny Five says:

    Can you make a video about Sanda/sanshou?

  25. kenpachi zaraki says:

    Kind of crazy how buakaw dominated so much in K-1 with his clinching that
    they had to change the rules. Even with the changes, he still dominated. 

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