WarmUp, Conditioning & Introduction to Equipment for Muay Thai

Vut Kamnark Muay Thai Boxing Volume 1: Warm-Up, Conditioning & Introduction to Equipment Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and one of the most fear…
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to “WarmUp, Conditioning & Introduction to Equipment for Muay Thai”

  1. Robert Esquivel says:

    Muay Thai WarmUp, Conditioning & Introduction part1

  2. Krsin909 says:

    This guy is an amazing teacher. I’ve been to a Muy Thai gym called Double
    Dose Muy Thai and it was a horrible experience. When i signed up they told
    me “we don’t just throw you in there, we take care of our students”. Well
    turns out it was a lie since they literally threw me in there not even
    teaching me the basics which are essential and take years to master. I was
    basically kicked around by a massive guy in there who was nowhere near my
    weight. They didn’t teach me a basic stance, what stretches to use to help
    me kick higher. All i learned were basically blocking kicks with my knee
    from them but other than that it was a garbage place to go. This guy on the
    other hand teaches you from the ground up which a beginner like me can
    learn Muy Thai. Only bad part about this is some require a partner.

  3. Kenny Purnomo says:

    how is the correct way to condition our shin?

  4. joeyservo says:

    33:18 Hand wraps. Just a note to myself :)

  5. Joe Barron says:

    Ive been doing muay thai irl for about 7 years now, and have always been
    thought by a teacher, and never looks up cideos on muay thai. my teacher
    went out of town for vacation so i did my normal routine , but i decided to
    look up a video, and ive now watched every single one of these videos,
    they aren’t bad, and they’re great for teaching new people about the
    culture around the sport and the sport itself.

  6. Sebastian C says:

    Very wrong advice about using the machines: surest way to mess up your
    joints and tendons and develop strength that doesn’t translate in real
    life. The tapes were made long time ago–when machines just appeared I
    guess–perhaps it wasn’t known of their uselessness and damage they’re dong
    back then, yet.

  7. dede migu says:

    how old is he?????

  8. Amey Tarfe says:

    This is an awesome tape for beginners.. and a Great Teacher thanx… :)

  9. StickyIky says:

    9.11 looks like a club move :-)

  10. Art88able says:

    What a great video ,thanks ,I trained in Muay Thai many years ago in So Cal
    ,and then while in the Navy, I loved it .When I got out there was no one
    around to train with so it fell to the side .Have kept it my fittness but
    training alone I have got sloppy ,not that I was that great to start
    with.Your videos are really helpful ,Im planing to go to Thailand for a 30
    camp in february,

  11. -henricus- d says:

    thanks you very much, it’s very useful for my muaythai basic training

  12. TruthSeeker Ai says:

    thanks for this share it was very useful. A.i

  13. hasan sada says:

    thanx alot it was very helpful

  14. José Carlos Lázaro Castellanos says:

    muchas gracias desde España maestro vut.

  15. Revoltado Pereira says:

    Hey people, im currently 16 years old in i got some agility and some
    strenght but still need alot of training but with this age would it be

  16. gabriel e.s' says:

    very good

  17. Muay Thai Kai says:

    Muay Thai training!

  18. timothy tucker says:

    14 oz gloves? you’re big as fuck 16 oz min for sparring

  19. Taylor And Daniel says:

    The webbed part of the glove is to stop you jabbing your thumb in someone’s
    eye… Deliberately or accidentally. 

  20. Taylor And Daniel says:

    Oh and the weird padded part sticking out the side, it’s to stop your hand
    hurting when you block the punch. (Peekaboo style) 

  21. 6sinto6music6 says:

    Thanks dude nice review

  22. amudzen says:

    Awesome review, thanks for that. I just got a hold SANDEE gloves, also
    leather and hand made in Thailand. Total 180 degrees from the Pro-Force
    ones I have been using before. thanks for the overview!

  23. dan yol says:

    Great review thanks! :)

  24. angelo signori says:

    the extra padding in the side of the glove is to block kicks without
    getting hurt, the guy will kick your glove and you wont get your hand
    broken or something like that

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