Twins Special (unboxing) from Muaythai-fighting. is a good safe website. They have the best prices that I found, I’ll do a review on the rest of the equipment for you guys later thank you. More videos to come please subscribe.
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9 Responses to “Twins Special (unboxing) from Muaythai-fighting.”

  1. JagWar says:

    Great website. Always pleased when I order from them.

  2. Erik Menendez says:

    Are those 14 or 16 oz gloves?

  3. Ufc55555 Ufc100500 says:

    Hello! I also do Muay Thai. I want to buy new gloves. What brand would you
    recommend me?) I had top ten gloves before. I can’t say that they were
    excellent. Now I would like to buy gloves made in Thailand.

  4. Alex Trentor says:

    how long have you been fighting?

  5. mr.gadoken says:

    I have a made to order glove on the way and knowing that it takes 4 to 6
    weeks for production I sent them an email just for generic questions, I was
    never sent a reply.

  6. Mahir Hasanbegovic says:

    how much cost only black gloves and that thing for legs

  7. Muay Thai Ring says:

    Twins Special (unboxing) from Muaythai-fighting.

  8. andrew mora says:

    Estodo hijo de puta madre lmao PERRO 

  9. John Leonard Casiano says:

    How much did you pay for the shipping? Did you also pay additional charges
    for handling and customs fee? Your answer would be highly appreciated. 

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