Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts

Top 10 Thailand VS Challenger Muay Thai Knockouts by Elite Boxing Follow us at Watch more video at http://www.eliteboxing…
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25 Responses to “Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts”

  1. Warg, the 1st says:

    Elbows are so cheap in competitive fighting… Effective and painful,
    indeed, but cheap.
    If elbows are allowed, why cover fists with gloves?
    There’s no reason to allow elbows while simultaneously having rules to
    fight gloved.

  2. Crossedkiller H says:

    I may have to rethink about signing in muay thai classes. 

  3. matt miller says:

    Love how respectful these blokes are towards one another rather than ufc
    where they knock their opponents out then jump on top of them

  4. Sergio Corral says:

    God damn Enriko sure is a beast. 

  5. Bo Fa'aita says:

    Gloves are to protect the fighters hands. The human hand is fragile. They
    are also heavier than 4 ounce mma gloves, so you can actually sustain more
    damage from being hit with boxing gloves. That said, these gloves are
    easier to block, defend and catch incoming shots with. Mayweather. 

  6. Joshua says:

    Damn it’s no wonder Chino Maidana went to boxing, I saw him get knocked out
    at least 6 times in this video. . . . Poor guy damn! 

  7. L0LSashaL0L says:

    why do they wear ropes on their arms?

  8. Hassan McCullough says:

    Muay thai is fucking deadly man. It scares me to know people know this
    style WELL.

  9. Trevoir Kraubs says:

    Wasn’t that a Kyokushin kick at 3.35? Enrico Kehl is very good with elbows

  10. BranLand 1st says:

    Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts:

  11. luigi musmanno says:

    manca la gomitata di buakaw banchamek ad Enriko… quella si che era da
    primo posto

  12. Kirito Kun says:

    Bjj + Muay Thai = best fighter.

  13. Korn Kgb says:

    Enriko ต่อยฉลาดมาก ศอกแรกเป็นการหลอกไม่หวังผล ในขณะที่คู่ต่อสู้กำลัง งวยงง
    ศอกกลับตามมาติดๆ หลับสนิท หากินไม้นี้มาหลายไฟต์แล้ว 

  14. 420SanJuan says:

    they wear huge padded gloves but still use their elbows? i dont get it

  15. Pj Cardona says:

    Elbows are so brutal.

  16. adsvers cop says:

    Elbow is Muay Thai danger and destroyer weapon. That why wasn’t elbow
    allowed in K1. If elbow was allowed, may was some one dead. Because Muay
    Thai was founded in the empire that’s why is Muay Thai Boran Agressiv and
    Brutal. (Boran = Old Traditional)

  17. XxAtomix112 says:

    Why do they have some sort of material tied to their arms?

  18. kyle janekarnkit says:

    It’s call Muay Thai not Muaythai

  19. carlito boxing says:

    I’m a boxing fan but Muay Thai deserves much respect.

  20. benjamin Schwillens says:

    Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts

  21. pantheon sparta says:

    lee sin is proud , 750/750 tears fully stacked :”(

  22. LEGIN O says:

    Top 10 ko’s

  23. pippo etna says:


  24. sghost128 says:

    Honestly. Number 6 should have been number 1.

  25. byxabi99 says:

    i dont understand that, how can they let the fighters on the floor, they
    could die with that knockouts.

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