Tiger Muay Thai Techniques: Basic Elbow Strikes

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand Master instructors Kru Yod and Kru Phet demonstrate Muay Thai Elbows strikes explaining the technique…

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25 Responses to “Tiger Muay Thai Techniques: Basic Elbow Strikes”

  1. SuperElite27000000 says:

    the last one is actually very risky, it you get them directly where the
    forehead meets the top you can fracture your elbow.

  2. Travis Krumenacker says:

    this is the best video ive ever seen on youtube

  3. SupremeFL1P says:

    On the heavy bag… “Shhhut up! Shhhut up! Shhhut up!”

  4. Fernando Oliveira says:

    I hate when they give a bulshit screaming. Japanese and chineses kiai is

  5. MrDKdingo says:

    Maybe it’s the fact that his heavy bag training routine doesn’t consist of
    only elbow strikes, it would be a huge waste of time to keep on removing
    and putting on his gloves everytime he wants to switch from elbows to

  6. Nephilim X says:

    @Taylor Smith: Twist your hips while using elbows if you don’t already,
    otherwise, practicing on heavy bags or focus mits should help. Though focus
    mits are usually used for accuracy it also allows you to practice the
    technique till its near perfected and almost second nature, this not only
    helps you move more fluently but lessens the chance of mistakes when using
    more power in your elbow strikes.

  7. MrDpsc says:

    fuck lacrosse come at me brah

  8. darkwaterincor says:

    Who the fuck are you talking to idiot?

  9. UpUp2theSky says:

    bombe dikka guck ma diese

  10. LamontTheBoss says:

    @makingsnsux why am i the first person to like this lol.

  11. killa king kush davis says:

    Love the canadian flag hangin from the roof!

  12. gpeter1981 says:

    Muay Thai people. Sorry. Fucking word prediction.

  13. boxx88sambo says:

    Sometimes when i land an elbow i hit the nerve and its quite painful any
    suggestions for that or is it normal?

  14. Adam Easley says:

    Took me a second to realize he wasn’t saying tennis elbow :). Wondered if
    he was warning against injury. Much respect though.

  15. Rendell Dolan Sr. says:


  16. TobyW360 says:

    im not saying hes right, im just saying i understand it. And its not that
    he doesnt like the same thing, it was that he HATED the thing, thats like
    someones like fuck all thai ill beat them all in muay thai people and noone
    beats his ass because what? he doesnt like the same things?

  17. Ingemar Lilium says:

    no Dislikes wow :) cool i like it :)

  18. Ian Guerra says:

    I doubt it’s “right” to beat someones ass when they don’t like the same
    things as you.

  19. gpeter1981 says:

    That is why you do not fuck with Must Thai people. Respect

  20. Ian Guerra says:

    You completely miss the point of martial-arts then. It isn’t so you can go
    around “beating the crap” out of people. It’s for self-reflection and
    development mentally, spiritually, and physically. Something which you
    apparently lack.

  21. Marco Cagali says:

    due maestri insieme, ottimo. Finalmente caxxo.

  22. poepzwerver15 says:

    Why is he wearing gloves if he’s hitting the bag with his elbows?

  23. MrSharkStudios says:

    on you hair, on him face. lul.

  24. makingsnsux says:

    those are some hellbows

  25. darkwaterincor says:

    What a moron.

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