Tepwarit Rawai Muay Thai training with Tuk

The work that goes into every champion goes mostly unseen by the public. Trainers, peers, and family support each fighter every step of the way. Tepwarit, a …
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Muay Thai master Tyler Peterson drills Erik in a challenging three-minute workout incorporating the martial art’s most intense moves. Subscribe to the all ne…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses to “Tepwarit Rawai Muay Thai training with Tuk”

  1. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    Tepwarit’s next fight will be in Lumpini Stadium on Tusday January 27th,
    2015. He will be fighting the 5th pair. He’s moving up in the program.
    Pretty soon he will be fighting the main fight!

  2. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    The first song is by Hans Zimmer, form the movie Inception.

  3. Dick Chapko says:

    Looks like the old location, the new one in Khao Lak is amazing!
    Emilo: Check out *”MartialProfits, com”..*
    You’ll probably fall in love with Thailand, that’ll help you stay longer
    (I’ve been here for 4 years off what I’ve learned from that).

  4. JAMES WU says:

    Each part of training has its clear focus, never conducted in haste!
    What can be better than that to perfect one’s skills?!
    10:40 – 10:50 No every MT boxer/learner can have that – I envy you,

  5. Droga Shabu says:

    Name of song?

  6. oteboxingteam says:


  7. Stefano Kleinowitz says:
  8. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    It’s from the Matrix, a track called Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix) by
    Rob Dougan.

  9. Emiliano Fantasia says:

    cool. good luck to Tepwarit then, hope you’ll post the fight! :)

  10. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    You are welcome to train with us. Our gym is in Khao Lak. The link is in
    the description of the video, above. Tuk and Tepwarit train there everyday.

  11. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    Yes, sure. We have students from all over the well. Please look in the
    video description for our email and website addresses.

  12. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    Tepwarit’s upcoming fight will be in Lumpini Stadium on October 5th.

  13. ThatMustOfHURT1 says:

    Superb training video, great spirit from tuk and the manager training was
    pro. Do you allow uk citizens to train at your school?

  14. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    Tepwarit has fought about 60 times. I’m not sure what his fight record is
    though, but he wins most of his fights.

  15. Henry Wang says:

    Awesome training. Great looking kid. What’s Tepwarit’s fight record?

  16. MuayThaiJayy says:

    hey great footage and talented fighter, whats the soundtrack that starts at
    4:55 thanks!!

  17. Emiliano Fantasia says:

    great video! the kid has an impressive technique, clean and crisp. I’m
    planning to train in khao lak in december/january: can’t wait!

  18. Diana Rawai Muay Thai says:

    The man watching on in the ring was Tuk’s trainer in Bangkok, when Tuk was
    just starting Muay Thai. It’s nice to see three generations of the sport in
    the ring together.

  19. Andre Chipala says:

    name the first music please!

  20. St James Warrior says:

    Top Class Workout and top coaching! I wish i come come and learn muay
    thai.. one day. HBW

  21. Bruce Wayne says:

    Im training muay thai and this 3 min workout will not help you for anything
    hah the real muay thai is way way harder and difficult to learn 

  22. Josh Hill says:

    Embarrassing cardio kickboxing shit.

  23. 1974spr says:

    This is a workout video. Not a muay thai training video. WHY DON’t PEOPLE
    READ? If you’re that angry just take some riddlin or maybe smoke some pot.
    I don’t know. 

  24. GQ Magazine says:

    Fighting Weight: Muay Thai 3-min workout. You’ve never been safer AND more

    Watch Here: GQ Fighting Weight: Muay Thai 3-Minute Workout S1 EP3 #GQFW

  25. milnusthegnome says:

    Got to be one of the douchiest people I’ve ever seen.

  26. Swipa Foxx says:

    Wow this is a horrible video even for the “workout” aspect of Muay Thai lol
    watching this I realize how blessed I am with great coaches 

  27. astro2069 says:

    Talk about basic? Christ at least get your hands up to your temples…
    protect from fucking elbows jackass! This guy is NOT teaching Muay Thai..
    This video should be deleted…

  28. pavelhk79 says:

    I hope you were just not noticing his striking technique because it was 3
    minute training..

  29. mbtoober says:

    Good stuff, I’m fairly fit already, but always looking to improve, and I
    think this is cool for a workout, it’s just funny how some people hate on
    it, without adding something constructive, since they know it all;)

    This video never claimed that it would “teach you proper Muay Thai”, only
    that it would give you a proper workout, and it does just that, so for
    those of you who are out of shape, or in shape like me, and want to
    improve, just keep going, and try many different things, stick to the
    basics, watch what you eat, get enough rest, and push yourself (not kill
    yourself) when you workout, and most importantly be consistent, make time
    for this, on the side of your, family, spouse, kids, work, and school, your
    good health is SUPER, SUPER important. The very best of luck to you, I mean
    it!;) Peace.

  30. La Boxe Thai says:

    MUAY THAI: 3-Minute Workout – GQ’s Fighting Weight Series

  31. Carlos Gomez says:

    Horrible…. Do not learn Muay Thai from this. This video is funny, try
    REAL Muay Thai training. You think this is bad? Don’t let this man fool

  32. Chris Wauters says:

    No good for me…. 

  33. Sam Jervis says:

    Good video. Never heard of this guy but he is a good trainer I guess glad
    to see he is spreading the word. Check my channel out for a short intense
    thai boxing pad work training based in London. Trained for 7 years. I
    believe in an explosive technique based style.

  34. Jake Determan says:

    I wouldn’t rely on this video if you plan on kicking some ass cause the
    technique is wrong or at least not explained to the CQ magazine guy well
    enough. His knees for example. 

  35. Elias Balmer says:

    literally the worst vid ive ever seen

  36. ben gooweekoh says:

    Pretty good stuff…

  37. TheNoob166 says:

    Of all the online workout sessions for begginers, i honestly have to tell
    you guys that THIS ONE motivated me the most! it kept me doing this workout
    every day, so thank youm guys!

  38. _Vexation says:

    That blue weight tho…

  39. Jamesstrikes7 says:

    I’ve been doing this for 8 months and I’ve lost 20 pounds in exchange
    i gained much speed and velocity

  40. gigas81 says:

    Thanks to GQ and Tyler for this video. I needed some workout between my
    treadmill running.



  42. ginnatl says:

    this guy doesn’t even know what he’s talking about

  43. ShibuyaRck, Shib, L9fps says:

    I am currently quite out of shape and slightly overweight. If I do this
    next to a basic workout, will it actually help me to have an easier start
    into martial arts?

  44. Louie Murillo says:

    You guys weren’t kidding about the 3 minute muay thai workout being
    intense! Thank you.. “suscribed!”

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