Taekwondo vs Muay Thai 2014 | Martial Arts Fight Scene (Real Contact Hits)

A Taekwondo fighter (Kwonkicker) goes up against a Muay Thai fighter (Shane Fazen) in this martial arts fight scene, produced by Fight Tips. Starring, Direct…
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25 Responses to “Taekwondo vs Muay Thai 2014 | Martial Arts Fight Scene (Real Contact Hits)”

  1. BrainToMush says:

    Face it. Taekwando is not a real martial art. It’s just a performance art,
    and when people try to use it as a martial art they get their asses kicked.
    It’s off balance, exposes the body to attacks in a big way, is centered way
    too much around kicking, is energy inefficient, lacks form, therefore,
    lacks power. It’s good for breaking plates, that’s about it. It’s the only
    martial at where you can go to a studio and see five year old black belts.
    I mean, come on. One Taekwando studio I went to with my friend, the
    assistant teacher comes in and throws a flurry of uncontrolled pussy ass
    flailing kicks, with absolutely no form to impress people. I almost
    couldn’t keep myself from bursting out laughing. As a performance art its
    fine. As a martial art, it’s the weakest one out there.

  2. Hworangguer says:

    Hwoarang vs. Bruce

    Entendedores entenderão.

  3. Dave S says:

    Taekwondo vs Muay Thai 2014 | Martial Arts Fight …:

  4. Danny Saldana says:

    I’m in boxing but I want to switch to Taekwondo should i switch or stay in

  5. Adilson Pinheiro says:

    *Taekwondo vs Muay Thai Quem vence?*

  6. Alan Czyzykowski says:


  7. carmaj156 says:

    About this video, even when choreographed, I appreciate that Kwonkicker
    shows the real applications of TKD in a fight. The problem with Tae Kwon Do
    vs Muay Tai fight videos is that the rules for olimpic tournaments are
    more focused on the contact than in damage. Muay Tai and Karate combats
    allow more real hits. The other thing is legs require a lot of training.
    When you put a not very skilled TKD guy fighting with the “contact points”
    style they use for a tournament vs a Muay Tai fighter who is ready to
    destroy who is in front of him you don’t have a very fair fight. You can
    actually grab and punch, and go for the legs in TKD. Normally the fighter’s
    mistake is to restrict himself to “tournament style” and not to apply all
    the techniques.

  8. Amadeus Prower says:

    Cute Video! Espiecally at the times when they could have easily broken each
    others leg but didn’t ^-^

  9. Nikolas Brizolas says:

    Now, the question is: Do I start Muay Thai or taekwondo ? I feel like
    starting Muay Thai ! Just tell me your opinion please! Thanks!

  10. Chloe Dalton says:

    Muay Thai or Taekwondo ? :D

  11. Saral Thakur says:

    taekwondo is pretty good for making your kicks better. i don’t always fight
    with kicks tho.

  12. jan jansen says:

    Muay thai is the best style of fighting, combined with good wrestling
    techniques and its done.

  13. Angel King says:

    You see, that back kick at 1:23-24 would’ve ended the fight right there! I
    know that muay thai is badass and well rounded with their punch combo to
    low kicks but the back kick is the shit! Glad I have taekwondo in my

  14. Hallvor1976 says:

    I have been training both TKD and Muay Thai, and must say that the kicks of
    TKD are second to none. Having said that, Muay Thai is simply the superior
    full contact ring sport: (Everything they do is training for ring fights.)
    Contrary to TKD it works on all distances, uses western boxing, knees,
    elbows and throws. The fighters are generally very tough and with excellent

    Defeating a TKD fighter is a matter of closing the distance, getting into
    the clinch and landing knees and elbows. It will almost certainly end in a

  15. Trenton Alberts says:

    Ok braintomush, trust me. Tea Kwon do is very alive. tae Kwon do sparring
    is an olimpic sport plus if you don’t beleave me, look up stevin lopez,
    Aron cook, Glen lanefeasta not to even bring up Scott Adkins but they all
    do tae Kwon do and trust me, they could wipe out anyone 

  16. andy schmitz says:

    All the people here don’t understand nothing about the martial arts, “The
    tae kwon do guy don’t have chance in… blablabla” “The muay thai is
    blebleble” The people have to understand that the martial art don’t makes
    the man, is the man who makes the martial art. I won fights against guys of
    a lot of variety of disciplines, not because I’m super man, es because I
    train Shotokan minimum 10 hours in the week, you can be everything you
    want, just strive in it.

  17. TigerMcGamer says:

    First of all we need a real Thai and a real Korean second of all we need a
    real Korean and a real Thai

  18. BlackOWLfly says:

    I have 1 question for you all: Why do you argue about which style is
    better? A Martial art is, firstly a discipline for the mind, soul, and
    body. It is aimed to guide the energies inside us to the single purpose of
    self-defense. The forms of different styles are like different
    painters…they both do art but they are watched differently, and aim
    different perspectives. Therefore, why don’t you try to learn what is best
    from each style and what best suits your body and purpose? You should
    never forget that martial art does not make you a martial artist, if you do
    not learn to respect, to each, to learn and, firstly, to never use your
    knowledge against others for other purpose than defense.A martial artist
    without the philosophy background will always remain only a brute that uses

  19. Conrad Smith says:

    taekwondo and Muay thai are not very similar, but Taekwondo it depends, a
    lot of you think.. Oh muay thai would alwase win i see like 6 year old
    black belts, there are higher tears of taekwondo, all the way up to their
    7.. kwon kicker is probably a tier 5, it takes years just to get to second
    degree taekwondo, taekwondo could beat muay thai and muay thai can beat tae
    kwon do, skill counts but more experienced wins no matter who or what type
    of stile they fight in, i have seen taekwondo beat muay thai all across the
    world, so don’t underestimate taekwondo

  20. JARED DALE DIAZ says:

    Noob you should learn the tkd 1st and ask a master to do all the kicks and
    combinations, you’ll see it! P.S fuck you people who calls tkd useless when
    you do not know anything about it, you are just a wanna be ninja that is
    all. Lmfao ninja and show off ppl wanna be judging a fighting style when
    they do not even know all the counter attacks,kick combination they make

  21. Leonidas LP says:

    A combination of these two would be devastating.

  22. Saku Yamamoto says:

    For me personally avoid fighting Taekwondo and Karate just focus yourself
    on training keep you in shape and preserve the true meaning of martial arts
    you can only use your karate by defending yourself only once

  23. JT FILMS says:

    Yo he practicado TKD durante 12 años, y No son solo patadas, También he
    aprendido golpes, derribos, tecnicas de piso y muchas cosas más, muchos que
    no conocen la variedad de tecnicas de tkd, me dicen que tengo estilo de
    muay thai por que uso mucho los puños, las rodillas, los codos, tkd tiene
    muchas herramientas aplicadas a la vida real, solo que muchos piensan que
    tkd es solo lo que pasa en los juegos olimpicos 

  24. Tiff Lin says:

    Muay Thai would probably win in real life since if made in direct contact
    by a professional, it’s really devastating, but Taekwondo would win in an
    agility fight…

    ….and the ending was just so cute.

  25. Rmc Gamer says:

    It would be amazing if it weren’t set up, but as a black belt I draw
    inspiration from this stuff :)

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