Sindo ryu vs muay thai (kickboxing) – Sindo ryu karate fighter versus muay thai kickboxing champion.

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25 Responses to “Sindo ryu vs muay thai (kickboxing)”

  1. Mike Rogers says:

    I gotta say the “thai boxer” had looked a lot more like a MMA fighter due
    to his low guard, lack of kick checking , and his punches were very sloppy
    ( powerful but sloppy nonetheless) and although it shows him training knees
    i didnt see him try to go into a position where knees were possible. 

  2. daboodeef179 says:

    You guys keep trying to determine which art is better, but it is not
    necessarily the art but the person practicing it. And also, you can’t
    determine which one is better in a controlled setting where there are rules
    and regulations. I LOL at all the internet warriors that act as if they
    know everything.

  3. Dinzel Walker-Smith says:

    you cant determen wich martial art at all is whos doing the fucking martial

  4. Dinzel Walker-Smith says:

    a hint try nkt to cower or flinch everytine he punches

  5. Andres Vera says:

    En todas las peleas y en todas las diciplinas la victoria se determina por
    el control de las distancias de combate(larga distancia, media, corta y
    cuerpo a cuerpo), el peso o fuerza son otro factor del peleador y la
    experiencia que este tenga es el ultimo factor.
    Quien aproveche mejor sus ventajas tiene la victoria asegurada.
    No importa el estilo
    Aqui gano el karate por el hecho de que en karate tambien exiten tecnicas
    de cuerpo a cuerpo y el peleador supo aprovechar esa ventaja
    En el resto de la pelea fue parejo

  6. Horacio De Ponti says:

    Excelent karate win!!!

  7. Lewis Starkey says:

    karate is a self defence, Thai boxing is a sport… 95 percent of
    techniques thrown by the black belt ( who BTW probably had the best part of
    56 years training, compared to a year or 2 from the Thai boxer ) were
    kicks…. U don’t kick in a street fight, the Thai boxer caused more damage
    and was a lot tougher
    However the karate fighter did good as well 

  8. Lewis Starkey says:

    The chances of crushing eye or throat is the same as a blue moon… His
    hands will be up no chance at all

  9. Kait Sith says:

    Head knees would change this alot…

  10. Kait Sith says:

    3:45 Osoto Gari

  11. Perth Kettlebells says:

    Karateka is allowed takedowns but the thai boxer cannot clinch? sounds fair
    to me?
    Also why throw pretend down punches and yell at the top of your lungs
    instead of actually hitting while on the ground? We all know karate’s One
    punch One kill isnt for real so why pretend it is?

  12. Kait Sith says:


    le de de… bruce lee? chuck norris.


  13. mrceebees14 says:

    This is some Karate biased bs right here.

  14. Jhon Mendella says:

    I wear black, not Thai Boxing. Thai Boxing is not fighting. This is real
    Thai Boxing.

  15. tarzanhbk says:

    what a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad “muay thai” fighter! perhaps 2 months fighting. not
    one elbow no knee. and the funny rule that the karate guy wins if he
    punshes two times on the ground. karate has no no nooooooooooooo chance vs
    muay thai!

  16. YAZxWIL says:

    Maaaan ThaiBoxing is not Kickboxing

  17. morespeed92 says:

    y este tio es campeon de muay thai?? vaya tela, que ni las piernas
    usa….al principio para marcar un poco y nada mas..

  18. carlos monzon says:


  19. thatsanai says:

    muay thai guy didnt even do any kick and his clinch suck just hold him and
    didnt do anything and elbow why didnt he use any of them if the muay thai
    guy have his fight heart he would win this fight easy with his 8 limb
    weapon only he need it is to go to thailand and have some real fight then
    rematch this fight again

  20. gonefishingstudios says:

    All he was doing was punches , then a boxer would’ve done better? where
    where the elbows , knees , low kicks to the thigh , teep kicks ? Regardless
    that was good karate too

  21. SuperZeroMaker says:

    the discipline of the karate it’s always a good weapon,total control…

  22. Tibly says:

    muay thai is very deadly if you don’t know how to defend against it.
    Probably this karate fighter already did all the research before heading
    out to fight with a scorpion.

  23. OkinawakarateDotCom says:

    During 22 years of existence of our school, our representatives have
    repeatedly proven their effectiveness in various competitions with
    different fighters. Fight with gloves by the rules of Thai boxing or K1 is
    one thing, but fight without & free rules is another. To illustrate my
    words recommend looking a fight UFC N2 five times world champion Orlando
    Weit vs. jiu-jitsu fighter Remco Pardoel Hope it’s clear all.
    With respect for all.

  24. Coopersboy7 says:

    I think that some arts have advantages over others…but I dont think one
    art is better than another. I think it depends who the fighter is, how well
    they are trained and who wants the victory more.

  25. carlos monzon says:

    no prob. karate kicks chamber and snap. thai kicks involve swing your whole
    leg with no chamber like a baseball bat.

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