Myanmar Lethwei(without gloves), not Muay Thai kickboxing

Myanmar has a tradition of kickboxing that’s said to date back to the Bagan era, although the oldest written references are found in chronicles of warfare between Myanmar and Thailand during…

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50 Responses to “Myanmar Lethwei(without gloves), not Muay Thai kickboxing”

  1. IOWA says:

    this sport copy from muaythai for long ago

  2. suarneduj says:

    It’s morte like a cock (rooster)fight :)

  3. compop says:

    Bando is not Lethwei!!!

  4. kingstaffy says:

    im pretty sure ive seen tha fight that ur talkin about between muay thai
    and bando. those so called bando or lethwei fighters were probably refugees
    living in thailand to make some money. they are not trained fighters.

  5. Liger Paing says:

    Bando is Burmese Martial Arts & lethwei is burmese kickboxing which is
    sport!!! ;)

  6. lethwei03 says:

    Saw Zwel Lay, Kyel Lin Aung, Saw Nga Man (Shark), Thura Ye Aung, Yan Gyi
    Aung ….

  7. james tan says:

    damn both are karen

  8. Tangsoodokana says:

    can you give me some popular names from lethwei?

  9. kingstaffy says:

    its called lethwei. Its more brutal than muay thai as u can see

  10. Karen Boyz /Sydney K4L says:

    where the fuck is thai?? This is lethwei! Myanmar fighter

  11. Liger Paing says:

    Lethwei is just a branch of bando( Myanmar Martial arts) which become
    Myanmar National Sport!

  12. thuzardpipz says:

    a catfight,.. what kind of fight is this??? they kick like girls man,. WTF

  13. Rafael Henriquez says:

    Pacquiao is the ref.

  14. kingstaffy says:

    @richiesaw yeh lone chaw ans shwe saing are from burma, they do not live in
    thailand as refugees. i live in australia, i know there are a lot of karens
    here in australia now. i also know karens live in USA and other countries.
    FUCK thanshwe.

  15. wtfhellas says:

    what does the announcer say when they hit each other? something like
    aayooaahh.. makes it more interesting!

  16. King Koopa says:


  17. Guy Eshel says:

    Ohhh….that’s the Burma’s martial art… I forgot how they call it,
    similar to Muay Thai but much less better as u can see…

  18. Akkhadet Tanachovorapong says:

    I don’t think that guy is Thai his skill is not look like and this is
    original Muay That means No gloves ok?

  19. kingstaffy says:

    kkkkazin, i read ur comment but im sure wat exactly u sed. When u sed ‘n du
    won too’ are u saying that ‘n du’ is a fighter n burma?

  20. richiesaw says:

    @kingstaffy is it Long Chaew from NaunDong n Shwe Sai from MyainGyiNgu.
    surely they are not from refugees camp n they are not Bob Malley reggae
    man. Last 2yr ago most of the refugees are now resident of Canada, Auzzy,
    or U.S.AND A. They are so enjoying n cellibrate with stable job n familly
    life. No longer fight or no longer kiss THANSHWE fat asS. THANK U.

  21. azaproc says:

    is footstomping allowed in this crazy sport?

  22. Guy Eshel says:

    Its more brutal only for the hands are wrapped with ropes or what ever it
    is. their standup skills didn’t impress me much, amature boxing and not
    using kicking, allmsotonly front kick…..

  23. Karen Boyz /Sydney K4L says:

    and that fight u talk about is Train thai and Random Burmese!

  24. kingstaffy says:

    they dont need to kick hard, they can use other weapons and find other ways
    of winning. Search myanmar lethwei vs muay thai, there are 3 matches
    uploaded where thai fighters went over to burma to fight. 3 of the thais
    got knocked out. One got ko’d by slams, another got ko’d by punches and the
    other lost by getting headbutted

  25. V Ling says:

    I think hand wraps are more comfortable than gloves……cause you don’t
    accumulate sweat as much….

  26. fightTIPS says:

    Learn the BEST way to wrap your hands in #boxing #kickboxing & #MuayThai
    Added protection for the knuckles&wrist

  27. ►Fedexx◄ says:

    Shane, You are married?! o.o

  28. nonvolt says:

    +fightTIPS Shane you are an inspiration too both New and Experienced
    fighters. You’ve tough me some amazing techniques that have helped me in
    all my fights, Showed me proper Shin training, legs kicks and more. Because
    of this i have my First official fight in November. Im already nervous
    about this haha. Thank you for doing what you are doing and keep it up :)

  29. sk8m4ng says:

    My thumbs hurt watching this…

  30. albin ekblom says:

    everyone stfu, i think shane knows what he is doing, he have dome martial
    arts since like he was 8, i dont think you guys can better

  31. Troy Cummings says:

    this confirms it he fights, that blisters a badge of owner in his palm :D

  32. Nope NotMyName says:

    Definitely one of the best hand wrap methods out there, however I feel like
    the 180in. Everlast Wraps are the best for this method. Robert Garcia is
    interviewed using a similar method, and I vouch that both my knuckles and
    wrists take much harder impacts than the regular methods you see nowadays.
    You just have to adjust the wrap to be comfortable for yourself, everyone
    has different styles. Also, protect your fucking thumb if you’re a

  33. Faustino Contreras says:

    Idk how effective this method is bt it is definitely the sloppiest wrap i
    have ever seen

  34. durgam azhar says:

    Wtf Are u serius do u want to leran people to wrap like u

  35. jacob bramasco says:

    This wrap sucks

  36. Metal Rebel says:

    You’re married wtf?!?!?!?!?!? How old are you?!?!?!?

  37. FallenRILESbmx says:

    I like how people are having a go at the wrapping technique when he
    specifically said that this was just one way of doing it and it is a more
    traditional Thai way of doing it. Please watch the whole video and listen
    instead of having a go at the style straight away. 

  38. FishinnMogans says:

    Holy shit. This is a garbage wrap. Please no one use this.

  39. DJfresh102 says:

    I have a question I just started boxing and when I’m finished hitting the
    bag my wrist hurst am I punching wrong or is it my wrap can you make a
    video on it thx 

  40. Brandonlee evripidou says:

    Why are people moaning about the thumb?
    Maybe…Maybe if you guys learned how to punch properly your thumb wouldn’t
    need protection.
    Your knuckles take the impact…Your thumb should be tucked out of the way

  41. Faustino Contreras says:

    Idk how effective this method is bt it is definitely the sloppiest wrap i
    have ever seen

  42. Fabian Gonzalez says:

    That was cool best wrap really protects the nuckles im 10 im a mui thai

  43. Carlito Brigante says:


  44. EveryShotCounts says:

    For fighting yeah but for practice especially with a heavy/hard bag you
    shouldn’t wrap between the fingers, causes joint damage

  45. pablo gudino says:

    The thumb wasnt protected and this technique wont work with sparring as you
    could damage your thumbs

  46. Iron Mike says:

    this is good for muay thai, like he say ! and it is good for hitting the
    bag without gloves 

  47. Emil Malmberg says:

    that’s one shitty wrap

  48. Live Free says:

    Shane, I noticed you didn’t wrap around the thumb. Do you think that’s
    better? Or do you think going around the thumb would be good too?

  49. Jose Altamirano says:

    This is terrible

  50. Live Free says:

    Shane, is that a wedding ring?! If so, good for you!! 

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