MUST SEE Muay Thai Bag Training tips – Don’t use a bag until you follow these tips

19 Other Tips found here: Bag training is the essential part of Muay Thai training to practice speed, power and technique. In this video Kampan Santaweesook…

Никита Михайловский в тренировочном лагере Пор Прамук (Тайланд). ปอ ประมุข ศูนย์ฝึกมวยไทยฝึก…
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49 Responses to “MUST SEE Muay Thai Bag Training tips – Don’t use a bag until you follow these tips”

  1. Leynard Marquez says:

    Can you have that body using only punching bag without doing any weight

  2. Dan0101010101010 says:


  3. dimoelbirmno says:

    fighter has the hands down….

  4. mutrik mneef says:

    good fight 

  5. thewoolycontacts says:

    Theres really nothing wrong with his elbows. Elbows are meant to be short
    with just the turn of the hand and quick rotation of the shoulder. 

  6. namphon says:

    Hit a heavy bag hard and a light bag light :)

  7. Jose Alonso says:

    That’s the worse elbow technique I’ve had seen till day

  8. Helios601 says:

    You need an all time great Thai fighter to teach you basic technique?
    this’ll do I think!

  9. Travis Johnson says:

    Don’t talk about bag club?

  10. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    Woops and also knee! For the longer bag as it is bigger you can use it for
    different ranges i.e to practice low kicks. I hope this helps :)

  11. Johnny Vichi says:

    he is making a joke reference to fight club movie. first rule of fight club
    is not talk about fight club. that user asked you whats the most important
    rule of bag and travis said dont talk about bag club lol

  12. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    Thank you for the feedback. Its support like this that makes it all worth
    while. Just to let you know we’ve just got back from Thailand, and complete
    another round of filming. More content for the app to come.

  13. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    Hi Im not familar with a bag club, you got a youtube link can you show us?

  14. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    Now I feel like a dumbass .hahahahahahha

  15. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    Gday James just to be clear when you mean the bananna bags do you mean the
    longer one, or the rounder ones? For the purpose of answering your question
    I will call the rounder ones a ‘tear drop bag’ and the longer one as a kick
    bag. There are advantages and disadvantages for using both. For the tear
    drop bag because its off the floor its good for practicing body rips, upper
    cuts and elbows. This is not ot say you cant kick, as it forces you to keep
    the kicks higher (which isnt a bag thing)

  16. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    Thanks for your comment Jose. We always welcome constructive feedback and
    will take this on board. Or if this is simply a pot shot at the fighter we
    will gladly pass on a request to challenge them :) Very interested to see
    your technique my friend.

  17. Helios601 says:

    lol exactly- f that, I aint as stupid as some ha ha

  18. Travis Johnson says:

    Don’t talk about bag club?

  19. Travis Johnson says:

    It’s like Fight Club.. but with bags I guess. Anyway, please don’t
    misunderstand me, I like this video. This kind of traning gets shit done.

  20. Jose Alonso says:

    I was surprised you answer me :D. My comment is only this, a comment. I
    think he can cover his face more efficiently with the same arm is launching
    shoot with. I don’t usually record me jaja But I don’t try hurt you, is
    only a comment. Sorry if this is so agressive comment. :D

  21. Mastering Muay Thai says:

    This will come under much debate, however the most important rule we
    believe is (and also reinterated by Boxing Great Freddie Roach) is to treat
    the bag like you would an opponent. Meaning you move with the bag to
    practice range and timing. Remember no one is going to stand straight up
    and not move in a fight, so why practice like that.

  22. Johnny Vichi says:

    whos the fighter in the vid? i wanna be cut like him

  23. JAMES WU says:

    Are these banana bags good enough for practicing Thai kicks, compared with
    those thick heavy ones?

  24. Chuck Norris says:

    im trying to break the world record for hardest kick, but these bags are so

  25. James Wagner says:

    Great video Marek. Thanks for putting it up. I enjoyed it. Good luck with
    your training.

  26. Morgan Norman says:

    Boy this brings back memories. Thailand is like quicksand. You just fall
    into it and never want to move or leave. Were it not for their draconian
    immigration laws, it would be a perfect place to retire.

  27. jokur says:

    Thailand is seriously lush and beautiful

  28. 031ish says:

    When did you go to Por Pramuk? Is the gym still open?

  29. Aaron Veverka says:

    Por Pramuk Gym Muay Thai training course of Nikit…:

  30. jonthemagician666 says:

    They don’t like white people in Thailand

  31. Denis Rocksman says:

    Хорошие ребята эти тайцы. 

  32. Oporchickachic serk says:

    why meter not start????????

  33. torkbjo says:

    Hi, I just started training Muay Thai, and I’m considering going to Phuket
    soon. I was thinking either Tiger, Dragon or Phuket Top team. After seeing
    this video, I’d say this is what I want. Few people, good environment etc.
    Also, I’d kill for that shorts of yours.. Coolest Muay Thai shorts I’ve
    ever seen. So much details and just perfect, also with split and threads..
    You know where I can get it?

  34. Johnny Cage says:

    Is this gym still open

  35. Jake Mill says:

    the smiling, chubby trainer is none other than Buakaw’s old camp mate,
    Chokdee Por. Pramuk.
    It’s too bad Namsaknoi isn’t there.

  36. Willian Santos says:

    Boxing Thai

  37. saverio amorusi says:


  38. winnerhy says:

    awesome trip man !

  39. Petr Novikov says:


  40. buratin75 says:

    Никита, привет.Отличный тренинг.Если не затруднит ,отпиши пожалуйста на,где находится зал, что стоит проживание и тренировки.С
    уважением Алексей

  41. Christian V Tatanka says:

    Great Video,Thanks

  42. jason zaq says:

    i wonder what smeared on the body?

  43. berzerk fury1 says:

    another white guy with to much pride and not enough heart learning muay

  44. max thai says:

    meu sonho|!

  45. Byakukiri says:

    Wonderful ! Anybody knows the name of the first song we hear ?

  46. BHO FOSHO says:


    Money hungry assholes tore down the VERY fighter who gave them their name


  47. WhatsNardin says:

    Beautiful stuff, planning a trip over to Thailand myself, hoping for the
    experience of a lifetime 

  48. xXAmightzXx says:

    I want to go there to train

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