Muaythai training @ Team Zeitoun, France

Muaythai training @ Team Zeitoun, France

Check out a training session @ Team Zeitoun gym. Pleased to show our product here!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “Muaythai training @ Team Zeitoun, France”

  1. Kaikai Kiki says:

    Great place to train. André Zeitoun is a great coach. He trained many top
    fighters like Jérôme Le Banner: I will definitively try his class when
    going back to Paris.

  2. Irao Maiden says:

    bom d++++++++++++++++ da conta

  3. johan tambu says:

    This coach is awesome…… respect…

  4. AtomicKinetic12 says:

    Incredible stuff. Great training. Makes me want to hit the gym right now. 

  5. Mikey W says:

    Coach in flip-flops?? NO THANKS!!

  6. Grey Hair says:

    why does he sneeze every time he kicks?

  7. Caidi Camel says:

    Putin j’aime trop la mentalité du Coach !!!! 

  8. james court says:

    and remember my fellow pupil’s hop and check the leg kicks being careful
    not too catch the webbed feet.

  9. Bobby Madan says:

    great drills. Best way to maximise padwork out

  10. ZERONERZ2142 says:

    this makes me mad. because thsi is what im looking for. Fucking colorado is
    fucking with me.

  11. ZERONERZ2142 says:

    can i see the whole class session????

  12. felipexiz says:

    nice training session!! 


    i had andre`s training tapes 20 years ago , some of the very best. andre
    zeitoun is almost unknow in the U.S.A. I always found the best to learn

  14. Master Waki says:

    Cool to see the Silver Fern up on the wall

  15. hawaiiankickboxer says:

    This guy is awesome! Wish I had an english translation…

  16. Cecil Lee says:

    Awsome!!! WORTHY !!!

  17. pantherablaze says:

    I didn’t know Vin was able to do the flag pole

  18. Paul Mundy says:

    Why doesn’t this video have more views? Providing this is really Vin Diesel
    and Tony Jaa.

  19. walker h says:

    vin how hard has it been losing paul

  20. Hard-RenD says:

    yea muay thai !! and hardstyle! ^^
    good video xP

  21. Michael DuPree says:

    If this is Tony Jaa training Vin for the Sagat biopic then…….


  22. Lizzie Fontaine says:

    Major Lazer ft. The Partysquad – Original Don

  23. Maria Roman says:

    Awesome ! :) <3

  24. timisoara11 says:

    now make a movie with these 2 :)

  25. Vincent Junior Milot says:

    Epic =) go F&F7 !

  26. thibaut lhuillier says:

    what the title of the song?

  27. angel palm says:

    Give him a tan, a scar, and an eye patch…..Legend of Sagat

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