Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing Breakdown: “The Fight That Changed History”


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing Breakdown: “The Fight That Changed History””

  1. sandman0083 says:

    if the thai fighter was aloud to clinch he would have tied up in the first
    round so he would have sustained less. The thai fighter wasn’t aloud to
    clinch, elbow or knee. If it was really muay thai vs kickboxing the thai
    fighter would have finished him earlier. I was really fought under kick
    boxing rules. It favoured the kick boxer but he still lost

  2. ZenPhilosopher123 says:

    Awesome! Halfway through, when Rick was badly badly hurt from the low
    kicks, I was expecting the Thai to go high and exploit the dropping hands
    but it almost seemed like he wanted to end it as painfully as possible.

  3. mohammad haq says:

    both guys showed tremendous heart but that kick boxer needs to learn how to
    defend a leg kick…and that muy thai fighter needs to switch kicks to the
    body and head too since the kick boxer was dropping his hands..

  4. Ben Masirewa says:

    Morale of the story: Learn to shin check or jam.

  5. Blake Nix says:

    Those Muay Thai guys are hard as nails. Hell, so was Rick. That’s a tough
    guy that got beat there, but damn.

  6. Aaron Jahn says:

    *Muay Thai* vs American Kickboxing – *The Fight That Changed History*

  7. Chris Duncan says:

    I love how this guy says “doesn’t take too much talent to kick to the legs”
    That’s one way to think about it, I like to think of it as being more well

  8. Nic Hautamaki says:

    Some sour grapes from Jeff… glad that Dick Roufus decided to learn from
    Muay Thai rather than bashing it and making excuses. That’s one difference
    between the true greats and the wannabes.

  9. QuakePhil says:

    You broke my jaw now I break you. Amazing fight

  10. Chris Abbott says:

    Thai shin kicks… Respect… 

  11. Justin Cheng says:

    Duke also coaches Pat Barry, low kick extremist.

  12. brianipmh says:

    “It’s doesn’t take much talent to kick to the legs”
    I bet someone felt really stupid for saying that lol

  13. Kevin Jahosaphat says:

    The rules that were set up actually favored the kick-boxer too………..
    still didn’t matter.

  14. Daveed Escobar says:

    *Muay Thai* vs American Kickboxing – *The Fight That Changed History*

  15. timmerz4 says:

    the elbow and the stomp, though. lmao

  16. TheDriftingsmoke says:

    i bet his legs looked like hamburger meat.

  17. Aaron Rasch says:

    *Muay Thai* vs American Kickboxing – *The Fight That Changed History*

  18. Dan B says:

    This fight is very descriptive regarding the muay thai old classic skool.
    Destroying the opponents base is one of the fighting principles and was
    done perfectly here. Massive respect for this outstanding brutal martial
    art m/

  19. King Kimo says:

    I remember this fight it was an eye opener to the world of standup

  20. TheSludgeMan says:

    A friend of mine (westerner) fought a Thai fighter in Thailand and it was
    an exact replica of this fight. The punishment he took to his legs was
    horrific but nowhere near as bad as in this fight. His legs were black and
    purple for days afterwards and he couldn’t stand the next day. The amount
    of heart this kick boxer showed is unreal, kudos to him.

  21. toddymo says:

    I remember this fight well. What a great analysis. And then Rick Roufus
    went on to fight in the K-1 and win using low kick rules…thanks for
    posting this.

  22. ronki23 says:

    AMAZING! What I find funny is how all of these pointfighters/ semi contact
    guys claim they’re the best because they’ve won against other
    pointfighters/semi contact; but if you see their fights they do a lot of
    backfist ‘blitzes’ and side kicks just for the sake of getting the first
    attack. Roufus, Lewis,Wallace,Coreley,Urquidez and Norris fought in proper
    contact competitions where they scored clean techniques. Not the freestyle
    crap from the 80s

  23. VCthaGOATdunker says:

    That was glorious. That flashy little fucker definitely put a whooping on
    the Thai in the first round which probably made him feel humiliated, which
    caused him to brutalize Roufus and make him pay.

  24. Leo Daher says:

    I first watched this some 12 or so years ago, back when ESPN Classic used
    to show older kickboxing fights late at night. The irony of Duke Roufus
    claiming it takes “no talent” to throw low kicks didn’t escape me then. He
    can be excused, of course, being so young and all.

  25. Qni Dimitrov says:

    And all noobs become profesors here :D good fight !

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