Muay Thai Practical Technique instruction by Legend Chamoakpet Chorchamoang Part1

This is the part 1 of Muay Thai technique instructions of the legend Chamoakpet Chorchamoang.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to “Muay Thai Practical Technique instruction by Legend Chamoakpet Chorchamoang Part1”

  1. emrah d says:

    Can anyone translate key points please?

  2. daytripper8808 says:

    Kill the guitar player please

  3. Kevin V says:

    part 2 please thanks!!!!!!


    any one breaking down the moves and doing them.
    i really liked the throw, watch the foot work entry ,placement then
    bump-the thigh , all complimented with hand movment -tugging .
    very TECHNICAL AND EXPLOSIVE LUNGING into clinch throw.
    chamoakpet was a 9 time belt winner ,study this vid and see what he does.

  5. Eliton Acioly says:

    a.p.m.b.k recife pe

  6. Thomas Wolf says:

    Gracias por este video.

  7. Muay Thai Kai says:

    A foreign instructional video on Muay Thai!

  8. CenaCold75 says:



    one of the very best technicians there ever was .

  10. Jake Long says:

    sooo deadly

  11. Risobtero says:

    Too bad I don’t know thai or japanese.

  12. Maurice DUMOU says:

    ii dess né dee mak

  13. iraomaiden6 says:

    thanks for this video…

  14. boogyjuggy says:

    cool stuff

  15. Vinicius Hatzfeld says:

    A parte que eu queria ver bem era a 8:22 parte do clinch

  16. Mshina kaenada says:

    I will put a guitar up your ass!

  17. namphon says:

    Excellent upload thank you,do you have the other parts brother and if so
    would you upload them please?:)

  18. Santosh Chavan says:

    great video, very informative, thanks dude!

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