Muay Thai Pads: Quality Training Equipment

Muay Thai Pads: Quality Training Equipment

Called “The Art of Eight Limbs” Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and it is one of the most physically demanding kickboxing systems in history. This is because the art entails more than punching and kicking. Clinch work, throws, knees, and elbows are integrated into the mix. This makes such matches spectacular and dangerous. Such a sport is so unique it does require special training equipment. Among the most well known of training equipment would be Muay Thai pads which are extremely thick forearms pads that can handle an enormous amount of impact. For those interested in developing the strength and conditioning needed to succeed at Muay Thai for sport or hobby, working with Thai pads is a must.

But, before discussing the pads, it is best to look at a little history of how Muay Thai developed…

Muay Thai derives from an ancient weapons art called Krabi Kabrong which originated several hundreds of years ago. This was a sword art that entailed using two swords simultaneously in both hands. The action of the swords helps generate hip movement which is translated into striking techniques.

The empty hand version was originally called Muay Boran and it was strictly a self-defense art. It was not designed for competition and it thrived for hundreds of years. Eventually, a slowed down sparring “art” was designed for public displays. These displays where performed for royalty as well as for public events. In time, the art became more competitive. Over time, the art modernized and became a ring sport with boxing gloves and cutting edge training methods.

Within these modern training methods are the aforementioned Muay Thai pads. In many ways, Thai pads act as moving heavy bags since they can absorb an enormous amount of impact. Since a holder wears Muay Thai pads on his forearms, the targets can move and the feeder can add in his own strikes in which the trainee will need to defend against.

Yes, there is tremendous diversity that can be employed in the use of Muay Thai pads. Here are a few basic ways the Muay Thai pads can be used within a training session:

• Kicking drills: The Thai pads are held in a diamond formation and alternately angled from the left and right side of the body. Kicks can then be directed at the pads in various ways for all manner of repetitions

• Punching drills: These would be performed in a manner no different than boxing focus mitt drills would be performed. The main difference would be the fact that the trainee can hit the Thai pads much harder than would be the case with focus pads.

• Elbow drills: Striking with the elbows follows many of the same paradigms as the punching drills. The main difference is the angles the Muay Thai pads are held will be slightly different in order to compensate for the different angles of the elbow.

• Knee drills: Be very careful with these! The Thai pads will be held at the abdominal level and this is dangerously close to the groin and ribs. Only experienced holders should hold for knee strikes.

• Combination drills: Yes, you can mix and match all the various attacks into a single of drill or a series of drills.

Of course, there are scores of other drills which can be performed with Muay Thai pads. In fact, the number of drills is infinite. You just need to pick the drills most helpful to you and work them at will.

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