Muay Thai (Kaoklai Kaennorsing) vs Kickboxing (Choi Hong man)

Muay Thai (Kaoklai Kaennorsing) vs Kickboxing (Choi Hong man)

Doesn’t care about Weight , Kaoklai Kaennorsing (Muay Thai from Thailand ) vs Hong Man Choi (Kickboxing from Korea) About Kaoklai Kaennorsing : http://en.wik…

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24 Responses to “Muay Thai (Kaoklai Kaennorsing) vs Kickboxing (Choi Hong man)”

  1. erwin vercauteren says:

    big mistake the korean is not a kickboxer hez a ex sumo wrestler & they
    schooled him kick& box but he is no kickboxer just for the record Choy
    is a great&humble person just a huge man trying to make a living

  2. SpecialHandlingUnit says:

    the little fella has first prize for bravery, I bet he’s a champ in his
    weight class.

  3. Edgar C says:

    The big guy can’t fight for shit, no technique he just relies on his big
    body. The small guy won the fight. 

  4. Moto Kun says:

    Bravo 4 thai fighter

  5. Hardie HA HA HAR! says:

    This big man should fight taishan

  6. emancoy . says:

    what a mismatch.

  7. Moto Kun says:

    Father fight with son

  8. abubakar ibrahim says:

    wtf are you kidding me?! this big man xD

  9. สัก นาทราย says:


  10. Ay3RRay says:

    kaoklai is one of the biggest hearted fighters…with the biggest balls to
    fight in that weight class…

  11. Victor Kwan says:

    Thai fighter should have won.. hongman didnt do anything..

  12. Robertjr Cinco says:

    its not fair for thailand haha! 

  13. Mikel Suarez says:

    This is shit. Put that gisnt on an mma fight. He is in the floor in less
    than five seco ss and there he is dead

  14. MR.Master Rocker says:


  15. Khunden Proomsmut says:

    มันดีใจเฉย โอ้ ทุเรจ พวกเกาหลี ญี่ปุ่นก็งี้หละคับเอาเปรียบอย่างเดียว
    เมดอินไทยแลนเทอะคับ พี่น้อง

  16. คมเดช สามิลา says:

    ใหญ่อย่างเดียว ฝีมือไม่มี อืดๆ มึนๆ 

  17. วรพจน์ ช่อรัมย์ says:


  18. Samart Nukpuhum says:


  19. Gustavo Salazar says:

    epic the little vs the giant jejeje

  20. Audio 9999 says:

    Giant vs kid…..hahaha

  21. Giang Thanh says:

    Muay Thai very good

  22. larn utta says:

    ัyou funny fug

  23. Surachet Tonluck says:

    โถวว่ ใหญ่กว่าเท่านึงมึงยังดีใจอีก 

  24. amnart ladnawee says:

    He so happy can win the ant. 

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