Muay Thai Jab Counter Techniques with Head Trainer Andy Zerger

Muay Thai Jab Counter Techniques with Head Trainer Andy Zerger

Muay Thai Jab Counter Techniques with Head Trainer Andy Zerger Head Trainer Andy Zerger demonstrates different ways to manipulate a jab as well as how to counter the jab with kicks, boxing,…
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25 Responses to “Muay Thai Jab Counter Techniques with Head Trainer Andy Zerger”

  1. Ricky Woo says:

    Nice shirt trainer! Where did you buying?

  2. MadWestMMA says:

    Thanks guys for all the response and positive feedback. The gym is in
    Wichita, KS we have guys that fight all over the US, Europe, Bellator, WSOF
    and UFC. Find us at

  3. Ricky Woo says:

    Where did you uy it?

  4. Ricky Woo says:

    Shorts sorry

  5. Cailon Moshiri says:

    That’s cool, man.
    My coach was trained by Saekson, as well. 

  6. Shiva says:

    5:55 lol in the background..

  7. vinomaniac says:

    Solid. Anyone who criticizes this vid needs help. Great instruction and
    solid technique.
    Love the double forearm block. 

  8. tiger_mask says:

    How can you even train counters if none of You are on the right distance to
    throw a jab…

  9. Daisy Kupfer says:

    loved this video! just what I needed to see today… thanks a lot! 

  10. JediKnight1007 says:

    It would be an honor to train with you

  11. oteboxingteam says:


  12. Quis Beastly says:

    great vid…helped my game

  13. gangsta041 says:

    One of the best videos I have seen in. Great quality and information. Any
    way you can tailor it to Southpaws??

  14. Devil Prince says:

    parrying is the best way imo. ex) Joe louis and mark hunt. But you’re right
    there are other alternatives. I use the forearm block, the george foreman
    block, leaning back & parry the most.

  15. TheVincebob says:

    great vid helps alot to improve my own skills. Btw. the little fighter in
    the background rules : =)

  16. KickBoxingAtHome says:

    Wow! That’s about the most instruction humanly possible to stuff into 10
    minutes! You did not waste even a second of our time. What a great teacher
    you are; I learned a TON! Thanks so much, man. I will definitely be coming
    back again and again!

  17. jscarpa2002 says:

    Can you tell us more about the cross arm defense?

  18. R1P0ST3 says:

    AWESOME video. Nice breakdown. I wish I lived in Wichita!

  19. 275warrior says:

    Osum stuff more vids please :)

  20. Sakan Lam says:

    This is seriously the best Muay Thai instructional vid that I’ve ever seen!

  21. guinessist says:

    great vid! really helpfull and clear instruction,keep up the good work!

  22. Jeffery F says:

    where is this gym is it in the mid west

  23. funk141 says:

    Love it great vid – the free flow at the end helped to see how all come
    together, cheers!!

  24. Dom Domson says:

    LOL at lil kid getting knees in the ring :D

  25. dru713281 says:

    maybe you could make a vid on what to expect when using each technique for
    offense and defense when you slip to your opponents jab to his right side
    your setting yourself up for his straight right hand no matter what style
    you are this is very bad technique and dangerous to get used to in training
    dont you agree!maybe you can teach to seal off this right hand with your
    right handforearm so it pins it!

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