Muay Thai Gloves, Shin pads & other Good Things | Chiang Mai | 8 Limbs Us

Muay Thai Gloves, Shin pads & other Good Things | Chiang Mai | 8 Limbs Us

These are some of the things I purchased in my trip down to the Chiang Mai Old City. If you want to read about the store see my blog post on what is there an…

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14 Responses to “Muay Thai Gloves, Shin pads & other Good Things | Chiang Mai | 8 Limbs Us”

  1. bongo charm says:

    You have found the girl of your dreams when she opens her mouth and says
    this: ‘I’m really excited to try out these new shin guards I found.”
    Mentioned your blog to a fighter at Santai last week. She lit up. “OH, you
    mean Sylvie!” I have tremendous respect for what you’ve done. It’s quite
    amazing. Spent some time looking for this store yesterday but couldn’t find
    it. Thanks for the video.

  2. jrt 26 says:

    ur idea with the soccer shin pads is called cheating 

  3. Oldguy Muay Thai says:

    ThaiSmai is awesome stuff. A lot of it is outdated but it’s fantastically
    built. My shields & shorts are ThaiSmai and are going on 15 years old.
    Granted the shields are about at retirement age & poofing out foam dust :-)

    As far as I know ThaiSmai is the oldest, still operational Muay Thai
    supplier in Thailand. It doesn’t get any more authentic.

  4. Panic Quintero says:

    great gear! how did those shin pads worked? love your videos.

  5. Ni Chuja says:

    Found it and now im following it ;)

  6. Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu - Muay Thai says:

    My Facebook fan page is “Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu – Muay Thai”, you can
    reach it through search or find in through my website which is linked in
    the description.

  7. iexcalibui2 says:

    shin pads will be super hard to take off after sweating, but definitely fit
    better than just velcro straps

  8. denmyos says:

    twins make a glove with elastic wrist. I bought a pair in bkk for around

  9. glockster68 says:

    nice…hope you have a custom molded mouthpiece.,,that is real important to

  10. Ni Chuja says:

    Do U got an Facebook Account that i can follow ?

  11. untamedjax says:

    cute ;) js lol

  12. Martin Maciel says:

    Is stuff cheap in Thailand?

  13. Sun Wukong martial art says:

    hey youre getting biceps :P

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