Muay Thai Gear Essentials


Muay Thai Gear Essentials

Muay Thai kickboxing is a martial art that’s gaining a lot of popularity in the west lately, and for good reason. A kickboxing workout is an intense experience that leaves you feeling strong and energized for the day, and can build some serious, lean muscle while helping you burn fat, fast. As a self-defense program, Muay Thai will leave you feeling safe and secure when walking the streets, knowing full well that anyone who attacks you will wish they hadn’t.

Of course, because Muay kickboxing is such a fierce and demanding way to stay in shape, it’s also quite easy to injure yourself in the ring and on the mat if you don’t have the right equipment. In fact most gyms won’t even let you train without the essential gear. Here’s everything you need to start a Muay Thai training course.

Guards and Padding

These include shin guards, elbow guards, padded gloves, head-gear, foot and ankle padding, mouth guards and knee pads. This is a lot more than you’d use in your typical Karate or Kung Fu dojo, but Muay Thai, being dedicated primarily to hard strikes and aggressive offensives, is a dangerous sport if you don’t keep yourself, and your training partners, protected from injury. Some gyms will provide basic Muay Thai gear, like headgear in limited quantities, but you are definitely on your own for the mouth guards and the cups. If you’re serious bout training more than once a week, you are going to want to get all your own gear anyway.


The necessary clothing will include shorts, wrapping for the wrists, ankles, knees and elbows, a jock strap for men, a sports bra for women, tank tops or other sleeveless shirts, and you may want to consider a headband to keep sweat and hair out of your eyes in the middle of a sparring match.

The Medicine Cabinet

Beyond the stuff you wear, you’ll need a few other items to make sure that you’re covered. These include skin lotion, as the direct contact involved in a Muay Thai sparring match can really take its toll on the skin, and disinfectant, cotton balls and band-aids for the minor nicks and scrapes that Muay students know so well.

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