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Liam Harrison vs Houcine Bennoui at YOKKAO 8. Muay Thai Full Rules 5×3 -65kg. Supershowdown presents YOKKAO 8 broke into England with unprecedented success: a non-stop Action event that …

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24 Responses to “Muay Thai Gear | 1 888-682-1682”

  1. Muay Thai Addict, Inc. says:
  2. Ben Dover says:

    Liam won, but not as easily as that biased annoying commentator makes out.

  3. Ryan Thomas says:

    Haha why showboat when you’re losing? 

  4. Jeremy Bouchard says:

    Harrison Fucked him up good! He would have won all the rounds if he hadn’t
    been counted on the 2nd round.

  5. Liam Hodgkinson says:

    He’s a cock that Bennoui…

  6. A Eim says:

    Good fight Bennoui was better.

  7. muay thai & football NE England says:

    what a fight…

  8. FightESP says:

    YOKKAO 8: Liam Harrison vs Houcine Bennoui – TOTAL MUAY THAI ACTION

  9. 76oldboy says:

    The fight was fairly balanced, but the face and the left leg of Houcine has
    tipped the balance in favour to Liam.

  10. Dissent Skateshop says:

    It was a great day and this fight was the perfect end to it! 

  11. Adam Malik Masidi says:

    Good fight, but you guys really need to get commentators who are less

  12. prettyjohnshill76 says:

    great fight, although I had it as a draw. without the 8 count I think liam
    should’ve won.
    if the fight had been in france it would of been 3 rounds to 2 in favour of
    bennoui plus the 8 count.
    but that’s home advantage I suppose. we complain when the Thai’s do it to
    us, but then we do exactly the same.
    BTW the commentators are bloody annoying.

  13. Harry D says:

    22:10 knockdown is absolute perfection.

  14. nathepps says:

    Great fight

  15. Rebecca O'Donnell says:

    Are the other fights also going to be put onto this YouTube channel? Such
    as Chris Whittle vs Daniel Crompton?

  16. FUCKPOLICEization says:

    Frenchement Houcine bien boxer eficace il avais meme peur de toi miskine!!
    mais une choses a bcp travailler qui t’aurais mit loin devnt ces ta boxe
    mon potte! sinon beau combat !

  17. Tommygrl1327 says:

    A good fight! Both of them are very good!

  18. 11crouchy says:

    Harrison won the 4 rounds
    Outta 5 class out class him
    In the 4 rounds way better
    Unreal performance from
    Liam still up there wit the best 

  19. MTvirginia says:

    Wow amazing fight!!! That was a Draw in my book. 1st round 10-9 in Liam’s
    favor. 2nd round 10-8 in Bennoui (knockdown), 3rd 10-9 Bennoui favor, 4th
    10-9 Liam favor, 5th 10-9 Liam favor. Score card 47 – 47. Amazing fight

  20. AwesomeDrifterDrick says:

    I have to listen to these fights on mute because these announcers don’t
    know what they’re talking about.

  21. jonmatoagui says:

    Figth start in 5:50

  22. MrChrisgabber says:

    Nice fight,but must they do this clown shit at round 5 like the Thais do?

  23. Stuart Jones says:

    great show

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