Muay Thai Fight – Yodthongthai vs Saen- New Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok, 30th September 2014

Yodthongthai Kiatcharoenchai (126lbs,RED) vs Saen Pranchai (127bs,BLUE).Yodthongthai and Saen fight for 2 Mio. Baht on the “Kiatpetch” promotion at the New L…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Muay Thai Inspiration Parte 2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Muay Thai Fight – Yodthongthai vs Saen- New Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok, 30th September 2014”

  1. Brandon Holsather says:

    I honestly don’t get how some people like boxing more than muay thai. I
    mean muay thai is more complete art making it better boxer cant take leg
    kicks don’t know what to do against muay thai knee clinch and elbows they
    would know what to do against elbows boxing i just so limited compared to
    many striking art having only hands and any time you see boxer go up
    against someone truly fully trained from another art they get dominated. I
    do not dislike boxing but boxing should be mixed with other striking styles
    if learned

  2. ULTRA GAMER says:

    Why is every Muay thai fighter skinny? Is it because the moves require alot
    of dexterity and agility. 

  3. 2piedivideby3 says:

    Saen kept walking in to the elbow everytime he tried to engage the clinch,
    you can see yodthongthai setting it up . yodthongthai did very good in the
    clinch by disabling the power leg of saen and making room to land inside
    elbows. it was a very good fight and saen is a machine!! 

  4. Zara Banks says:

    I’ve started Muay Thai training and it is very hard in comparison to the
    other two martial arts/fighting sports I’ve tried. As lethal as it is, it’s
    such a determination-booster, and very fascinating/fulfilling to learn and

  5. OmEgAChAllAnGe says:

    Yodthongthai is clinical with those elbows. Great fight

  6. Zhe Sang says:

    Seems Saen always tried to do inside range keen but always got blocked.
    Yodthongthai’s elbow was sharp, quick and efficient. look at those blood…

  7. 美都里立川 Midori says:

    ลองดูวิดีโอนี้ใน YouTube: Muay Thai

  8. Lucian Bartus says:

    wow excellent stamina…from first till last round their stamina dropped to
    only 80%..gotta love this sport!!! was that a grudge match?

  9. MElekiaZ says:

    5:06 explanation?

  10. Blog Fiend says:

    I am surprised more guys do not get killed

  11. vinnie dolly says:

    5:06 What a sublime locking/tackle by the referee interrupting that kneeing
    by his own foot! What a referee! Good job!
    If there was an our western referee probabily the layed down boy would have
    got that knee bump straight on his face 

  12. nidkidwonderboy says:

    Red gloves won outright, you can tell blue was shaken to defense right off
    the bat.

  13. lee kingkong says:

    that s why k1 dont allow to use elbow.

  14. maritinaki korompou says:

    that’s a very good referee

  15. julianisdope says:

    ref with the leg kick! 5:05

  16. WIITHAYA II says:

    ดนตรีน่ารำคาญจิง ไม่ได้มีจังหวะเลย เอาคนตีกลองออกเหอะ เสียราคามวย

  17. intermarer says:

    again with the sound sync

  18. yong tet vui says:

    Muay Thai Fight – Yodthongthai vs Saen- New Lumpi…:

  19. รัก กล้วย says:


  20. spinwaus says:

    these guys are tough

  21. rangerram1 says:

    Ahh good ole MT, some days the most relaxing thing is to watch a good fight

  22. สร ช่างชุม says:

    พวกเซียนมวยเชียร์นํ้าเงินกันจังเหน เฮ้เอาเฮ้เอา พอนํ้าเงินแตก 2 แผล
    เงียบหมาไม่แดก ?

  23. Cynthia Brown says:

    That’s a good fight. That elbow just kept catching him. 

  24. Allamsaib Zubeir says:

    this is an absolutely horrid sport

  25. tord haukeland says:

    Muay thai is some hardcore shit

  26. Spiritu Sancti says:

    awful music

    sounds like going to funeral, not like a motivational song for practicing
    muay thai :(

  27. Tutoriales Bitcoin says:

    That music sucks for this kind of video.

  28. domcha131 says:

    Buakaw is probably the modern embodiment of Nai Khanom Tom, maybe even past
    that. His physical and technical skills of Muay Thai are beyond.

  29. sin rumbo alguno says:

    que viva el muay thai mierda!!!

  30. Alexander Dinter says:

    Best Fighting Art ..Muay Thai…

  31. pocalujzabkewlapke says:

    just another yokkao advert :)

  32. Ramón Oliveira says:

    Buakawa,this guy is awesome,nice fighter.

  33. Tankist says:

    Video died when crackhead started singing… so sad…

  34. Baitul Maqdis says:

    it is the same in any sport … 110% commitment to the sport … minimal to
    no social life , minimal to no entertainment while preparing… only then
    will one be a true champion … those who think can balance
    social/entertainment with total sport dedication …they dun make it as far
    as the real champions 

  35. 美都里立川 Midori says:

    ลองดูวิดีโอนี้ใน YouTube: Muay Thai ..I like very much

  36. Allan de oliveira vargas says:

    Ai lex luto, e tu é o maromba que vai rir do treino dele?, eu sou atleta e
    praticante de muay thai, eu sei o que eu passo com treino e com alimentação
    saúdavel, se eu to te respondendo agora é pq meu mestre mandou eu ficar de
    repouso, então pra ti o PARASITA, levanta a bunda e vai treinar, e vê se
    vai praticar muay thai um dia arrogante ;)

  37. Manolo Malaguitaman Vílchez says:

    LOL!!! The music that sounds comes from DMX…!!! Great Martial Art & Great
    music… Good combination ;) :D

  38. Tony S says:

    this isn’t muay thai inspiration this is just working out

  39. Mayhi Medrano says:

    So freaking awesome! :)

  40. Josué Gerber says:

    he’s not sunshine from fight quest. he’ name is BUAKAW

  41. Ilovewhitegirl143 says:

    Buakaw he’s very emotional guy yet strong at heart he’s my neighbor from
    way back when I was still living in Thailand 

  42. Angel Gia says:

    Muay thai es lo mejor de las artes marciales. 

  43. d. prophetic edge./ Gansmann says:

    Top shape

  44. Dante Constantine says:

    Song is horribly annoying. But awesome video.

  45. thelastdon213 says:

    Nice choice of fighter, if there is any fighter that is inspirational to
    the sport, it has to be Buakaw. 


    as the song is called background …

  47. lex luto says:

    Treinamento dele é muito facil qualquer Maromba riria desse treino, cara só
    a luta q é legal, seu treinamento é coisa de criança

  48. Trimaine Davidson says:

    What’s the background song

  49. LUCAS SANTOS says:

    what name this song ?

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