Muay Thai (Buakaw) VS Karate Kickboxing (Takayuki) @ K-1 World MAX 2004 Semi Final

Read Description #################### Takayuki (2004 K-1 World MAX Japan tournament champion) VS Buakaw (Muay Thai Fighter) at K-1 MAX Worl…
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29 Responses to “Muay Thai (Buakaw) VS Karate Kickboxing (Takayuki) @ K-1 World MAX 2004 Semi Final”

  1. SleeveDagger says:

    Muay Thai is absolutely devastating, there’s no other substitute in stand
    up fighting. 

  2. Kittipan kill says:

    นักคาราเต้คนนี้ไม่รู้จักเชิงในการต่อสู้ ไม่อ่านเกมก่อน
    สมควรโดนแล้วแหละแบบนี้ อย่าลืมแวะมาไทย มาซื้อ ยาน้ำระดมพล หละ
    ช้ำหมดแล้วรู้ป่าว จุ๊บุๆๆๆ 555555555555555555555

  3. Bas Duik says:

    1:05 oh you wanna play like that? You can get it

  4. Frank Vazquez says:

    Man he is brutal the other guy was a puppet

  5. Gerardo Seren says:


  6. 美都里立川 Midori says:

    Muay Thai

  7. Zaeleos says:

    is the announcer speaking in russian?

  8. Golden Boy says:

    It really doesn’t matter if Takayuki is “Karate kickboxing” or “BJJ
    fencing” or “Taekwondo Judo”. The only reason he lost like that is because
    he was petrified. You could see in his body language. He backs off before
    Buakaw lands a shot and curls into a ball. It’s kind of embarrassing.

  9. Sera phim says:

    buakaw has great takedown defense. Those shins are like axes, knees like

  10. atleastimcool says:

    Until you’ve been low kicked by a Muay Thai fighter you really cant
    comprehend how much power are behind those kicks. Full swinging a baseball
    bat to your thighs is pretty close analogy though! HA!!

  11. Afonso Mendes says:

    The lesson here is:
    don’t make buakaw mad lol

  12. Chong Jie Tey says:

    Buakaw looked like wanna kill him, but thats good, i hate Karate a lot

  13. Dize Fartum says:

    Muay Thai the first place was create to use in the war with bare-hand to
    eliminate the enemy in concept is “make all part human body become living
    weapon”, some movement in this art can be deadly; I mean kind of movement
    like a jump on and while in the mid air drop elbow onto enemy head or grab
    the enemy head and pull your knee attack to the jaw if user attack it
    strong enough it can cause victim to unconsciousness you can see in 4:07 in
    this clip but that is just a weaker version which target to stomach instead
    <– after this match dat Japanese fighter was treat in hospital for a while then K-1 managed ban to this movement ) so in Thailand today Muay Thai league managed to ban those skills (i’m not sure they also ban elbow and knee too, but it cant be), even the elbow ban in K-1 Buakaw managed to win many of match. Another thing is Kickboxing copy to Muay Thai. Some of Japanese copy it from Thailand remove some skills and make this league, invite Muay Thai fighter in Thailand to fight their “created” Kickboxing fighter with a Kickboxing rule (no elbow and no some core movement of Muay Thai) then not surprisingly,They won with their rule, so when it come to Buakaw era he make it!, He can win even dat rule so Muay Thai is a most dangerous none-weapon art in the world beyond reasonable doubt. ST ‘I dont hate Japanese but I hate dat guy who do all of this. It is disrespect to my country art’

  14. JK Low says:

    Those who know him well will know that he makes very frequent trips back to
    his birthplace in Malaysia and he HAS to stop by Kota Baru’s THE WHITE
    HOUSE to enjoy his favourite childhood MALAYSIAN food…Nasi Dagang. 

  15. crisj45 says:

    Buakaw is pissed off!

  16. wei hu says:


  17. Sanjak Pitakrat says:

    When you see Buakaw makes a face like that at 1:01 you know it’s fucking

  18. de sanail says:

    Muay Thai is God of Martial Arts

  19. tiger_mask says:

    1:02 anger in the eyes, end of talking 

  20. mzyamimarik says:

    Go ,Go, Go Muay Thai (Buakaw) !

  21. Jacob Mendoza says:

    I knew Buakaw would win this fight against this guy!!! Can’t mess with the
    Thai fighter!!

  22. Wang Eric says:

    Don’t fuck with buakaw …

  23. Mitchell Scripter says:

    3:04 shit goes down. lol that thia dude is pissed. that’s awesome to see
    that in a fight. he took the hit dead on like champ and keed that fucker in
    the ass check and then booted his ass. lol man fuckin aggressive fight.
    loving it. XD

  24. Oh-Ohlovechannel says:

    wanna play with a thai fighter , we dont speak but we fight until your
    down!!! lol buakaw por pramuk 

  25. ศุภวุฒิ ยอดอิสราเกษ says:

    เตะบัวขาวล้มที่เดียว รู้เรื่องเลยสาด

  26. benjamin Schwillens says:

    Human Weapon muay thai

  27. stas poritskiy says:


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