Muay Thai Beginners – Class Training

Muay Thai Program with some Basic Techniques for Beginners. *Lezione Muay Thai per Principianti : dimostrazione Tecniche di Base. by ITALYKICKBOXING YouTube …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to “Muay Thai Beginners – Class Training”

  1. TheXhanluza says:

    ciao e grazie mille per il video…io ho 18 anni e da quest’anno comincio a
    praticare muay thai dopo aver praticato per 2 anni palestra…volevo
    chiedere se sono svantaggiato per la mia eta.. oppure non c’é nessun

  2. SummerCroatia says:

    I live beside Split, you passed thrue my town Solin. Yea, i like croatian
    south more then north when it comes to beaches. Omiš is great below those
    cliffs town looks amazing. Beaches I like most are south of Omiš, little
    small towns beside coast line from Omiš to Makarska. There are a lot of
    little places with great beaches. Mirco is a great man before all! Great
    human being. Amazing fighter too. Bye

  3. Alejandro Sanchez says:

    Nice instructor :)


    Croatia is a nice land..the Sea is great ! I was in Makarska, Split, but my
    preferite beach is Omis. Continues to train and keep in shape and never
    forget the techniques you learned ! Make more videos..good luck friend !
    Mirco Crocop is a great fighter, great example and flag of Croatia in the
    world : I love his fighting style..i whould like to meet him one day…. to
    complete my Champions collection… Ciao

  5. shep herd says:

    I’m absolutely amazed at how i don’t speak a single word of Italian but i
    understood 90 percent of your demonstration. An amazing ability to teach,
    keep up the good work!

  6. justin504jr says:

    molto bene paisano. good instruction very passionate. authentic thai style
    . keep up good work. from America. ciao.


    Correct annotation… in italy we use to say …”clothes do not make ‘the

  8. bergssprangare says:

    Great Instructions..I sent it to my son:)


    Thanks, You’re Welcome !

  10. paniolo96819 says:

    why criticize beginning students?…they’re probably advance students by
    now…keep rocking…:)


    Grazie, era un vecchio allenamento con una classe di principianti. Ciao

  12. Drago Milivojevic says:

    ma non ha tutti i torti D:

  13. Chris Van der Veen says:

    Just hit each other like we do in systema its the best way to learn to give
    pain and take pain and its a free human punching bag you will hit what is
    better than a bag in my opinion because you are training to hit a human
    after all and the one receiving the punches will get physically and mentaly
    used to getting punched what more could you want :D ???



  15. Yanoe zazaza says:


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