MMA Boxing Muay Thai Kickboxing Gloves What Style Lasts Longer? JMTK Answers with Andy Zerger

How can you get more life out of your gloves? Sometimes choosing a certain style can help you get more life out of your gloves and the stinch out of your gym…
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For more on the location of the shop and details of what I got of shop visit my blog:…
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9 Responses to “MMA Boxing Muay Thai Kickboxing Gloves What Style Lasts Longer? JMTK Answers with Andy Zerger”

  1. Andy Irish says:

    Any company/gym that promotes the Century brand is not serious about their
    sport …. Century is the worst wanna-be crap on the market … period …
    Whether for boxing or muy thai, no one at a real gym wears this shit ….
    Horrible fake leather, worse hard foam and crappy construction….They are
    made for 14yr olds with limited funds and limited gear knowledge……..

  2. Joshua Fernando says:

    can you use the mma grappling gloves for muaythai?

  3. MadWestMMA says:

    Thank we’re glad you enjoyed! More coming each week!

  4. GreatestMMAFights says:

    Keep uploading regularly please bro!

  5. Marvin Hunter says:

    bag gloves are good for pads and bag only, 16 0z gloves are good for
    sparring, 6-10 oz gloves are for fighting

  6. Harry Theophanous says:

    thanks for sharing. Been living in CM for 9 months now and still havent
    found a place for quality boxing gear. Good luck

  7. denmyos says:

    Baggloves are just a single piece of foam. I would guess they are around 4

  8. reipan007 says:

    to help everyone a little, the easy translation of the shop name is ‘Ran
    Mai Tham Mwuk’ i had a restaraunt next to this shop for 3 years.

  9. JappaCakes says:

    Freaking out by the gloves… can’t wait to go next year.

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