Master Moves of Muay Thai – Human Weapon

Master Moves of Muay Thai - Human Weapon

History Channel : Human Weapon.
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25 Responses to “Master Moves of Muay Thai – Human Weapon”

  1. Mr Nameless says:

    And finally, the kick to the balls, causing you so much pain, that if you
    could have children, they would feel the pain, and so on. fortunately, you
    won’t need to worry about that, because your balls will be crushed.
    Some call it, the womanizer. 

  2. Will Yu says:

    Put in a bunch of physics equations and it’s a documenrary

  3. Tassanai Soinak says:

    does thailand use muay thai in the militery? im from thailand my self but i
    live there for only 8 years so i dont know shit 

  4. Monim Abdellaoui says:

    grey people are strong!, why can’t is see them on tv? or in a championship?

  5. Citizen Emereld says:

    I gotta learn Muai Thai. That stance looks like it can fuck you up from all

  6. Zion Robison says:

    “Flying Knee” ? It’s more like
    “Look out Motherf**ker, You’re Gonna Die”

  7. Cuprax E says:

    Lesson learned. Now find a victim on the street, brb.

  8. flatulantbrothers says:

    been fighting muay boran for almost 10 years and still love every minute of
    it. it’s a powerful art, 

  9. Imatrip says:

    I wanna learn Muai Thai soo bad

  10. Sean McHugh says:

    Muay-Thai Kickboxing the science behind “The Art of the Eight Limbs”

  11. Gavin Jencks says:

    I’m interested in learning muay Thai and id like to know if moves like the
    hanuman and flying knee are actually applicable in a real fight scenario.
    If not I’m still going to try and learn the art anyways, everything seems
    great about it (from what I can tell)

  12. Lloyd Highton says:

    What the fuck is a hanuman? Looks lethal but surly you would just yes a
    elbow over the top 

  13. insanecombo2 says:


  14. A Name says:

    That animation got a big booty.

  15. TheHm3 says:

    Why do they have no penises?

  16. sam taylor says:

    I’m a karate sensei and I teach my students to strike with their shin not

  17. Lamont Reynolds says:

    If u see a silver naked guy with no eyes…FUCKIN RUN!!!

  18. Pedro Rigo says:

    sawadee krap

  19. Gino McCoy says:

    Watching all these “ain’t got shit if they pull a knife” arguments and I
    have to laugh. Muay Thai was originally developed as Muay boran, as a way
    of fighting armed opponents while unarmed. It was pretty successful. All of
    you can be ignorant weeaboos all you want and talk all the shit you want
    about Muay Thai but keep in mind Muay Thai itself is actually the cleaned
    up SAFE version of its original art. Muay Thai is the sport form that had
    many techniques lost over the years due to high amounts of deaths involved
    with it.

    On a separate note, you all can fear the gray people but I feel bad for the
    real people you see getting SLAMMED the fuck down before they show the gray
    people breakdown. Like fuck are they alright?!

  20. Lamont Reynolds says:

    If u see a silver naked guy with no eyes…FUCKIN RUN!!!

  21. Alex Hicks says:

    wow this is wack! i love muay thai!!

  22. Robert S says:

    Time to go Fuck up those bullies.

  23. galeb209 says:

    RULE#1 dont fuck with grey people

  24. moïse diabagaté says:

    well for laerning

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