Kicks & Knees for Muay Thai

Vut Kamnark Muay Thai Boxing Volume 3: Kicks & Knees Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and one of the most feared ring sports in the world! Champio…
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25 Responses to “Kicks & Knees for Muay Thai”

  1. AlladinMclovin2334 says:

    how long does it take to learn Muay Thai, 8 months whats the minimum time
    to learn how to fight?

  2. P JY says:

    Iol Muay thai and Kungfu is nothing alike. Its like saying American boxing
    and French’s savate is the same. Gosh.. look at those comments of racist
    ignorance. Stop with all the ching chong, acting all knowledgeable about
    Kungfu, wushu or muay thai.

    “Dumb white people” how do you like that.
    Sorry the above statement is only targeted to certain people. No offence:D

  3. Laurence Shtull says:

    I had two of his tapes on VHS and can no longer view them
    so thank you very much for posting them on you tube

  4. Jason Campbell says:

    I know nothing to be honest but this looks good 


    all very good .

    vut , he never had any clinch is his game.

  6. Robert Esquivel says:

    Muay Thai Basics part3 Kicks & Knees 

  7. Daniel Docto says:

    This is our first Muay Thai Teacher … Yeeeuuum YOD mak Krab. ;-) 

  8. musket40 says:

    He did not skip leg day

  9. אביב גנון says:

    how do you put that much muscles on your calves like this?

  10. miki liblink says:

    Skvělý ukázky,děkuji

  11. maximus martinez says:

    Thanks this whole entire series helped alot. I been watching them all again
    and again practicing constantly to develop my technique and i must say it
    is coming along nice . Thanks again .

  12. msgtslotter says:

    what is the 1st kick effective for? seems kinda powerless

  13. Grindgodgrind says:

    Really helpful, thanks. Osu!

  14. jaypee espinosa says:

    muay thai

  15. Alex Hicks says:

    just wow.

  16. Mi Horrorshow says:

    Why this got dislike. i think they went in depth with the kicks.

  17. Winnie Lagoa says:

    Treinar! Treinar!!

  18. Jason Thompson says:

    First kick is to keep them at bay out of striking range

  19. jakob Damsma says:

    that is awesome thank u . your amsaeing !!!!

  20. FistOfRage Channel says:

    This trainer has a flawless technique ..splendid.. the best muay thai
    training video I have ever seen!!!!!

  21. kadeem duh rampage says:

    this dudes legs are fuckin ripped #tree_cutting_kicks

  22. Osmar Jesus Moran Carreño says:

    very very good (Y)

  23. Gunnar Hunt says:

    much appreciated for taking the time to film all this! great video, very

  24. sheridan connon says:

    great tape

  25. JimmyPtheman says:

    Vut is the MAN!

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