Kevin Foster training for MAX Muay Thai fight

The second of 3 Tiger Muay Thai fighters competing at Max Muay Thai in Pattaya this Sunday is Kevin Foster, who will be facing Thai fighter Phettawan Mor Rajaphatjombung in a fight at 72kg….

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5 Responses to “Kevin Foster training for MAX Muay Thai fight”

  1. ihavenohair1975 says:

    What is the benefit of those short push ups? I see all the muy Thai
    fighters doing them. Just curious

  2. Raber Barviking says:

    Are they training every day or not. !
    I wish to respond !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

  3. snausegman says:

    this dude is up there with ncedo gomba for best fighter(s) at tiger. keep
    up the good work kev.

  4. Davi de Andrade says:

    Ai sim é um treino bom!!! Muito Show…

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