ISKA World Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship Fight

Curtis Schuster (The Big Cat) vs Wade Irwin in the ISKA World Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to “ISKA World Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship Fight”

  1. TD4f22 says:

    The bald guy is huge!!!

  2. CaptainMustardPants says:

    Respect to both fighters!

  3. theymiya says:

    wade is fucking boss

  4. faihui911 says:

    this was an excellent fight

  5. Dylan Stevenson says:

    im only 13 and may have a youth championship fight i a few months and i
    have done this for almost three years my brother in law is 3x European
    champion .

  6. Kelly Ricketts says:

    Wade is still my Canuck Boss.

  7. italianinla1980 says:

    do u mean he’s an actor??

  8. BigJohn HD says:

    he says muay thai rules!!!!?but there are no elbows and knees!

  9. italianinla1980 says:

    what do u mean? do u know him?

  10. scarred10 says:

    this title is a pure joke,the lad with hair was never in a thai gym in his
    life,hes a kickboxer who cant kick to save his life.The standard in
    kickboxing orgs is so varaiable that some titles are worthless.

  11. Kelly Ricketts says:

    I Know Wade from Dawson Creek, He trained a few times at my club. He is a
    Super Guy!

  12. Dylan Stevenson says:

    how many titles you got then!!!

  13. Oliver Le Lievre says:

    nice fight

  14. dukmoglie24 says:

    Muay Thai rules but no elbows and knees . Does this not make it kickboxing
    rules ?

  15. scarred10 says:

    i started training kickboxing 28 yrs ago in manchester with a fella called
    master toddy,most older guys in britain would know him as one of the first
    people to bring muay thai to the uk in the 70s.He went on to train several
    world champs and then moved to vegas where he trained gina carano (the film

  16. scarred10 says:

    i was a recreational level club kickboxer for 10 yrs ,then 3 yrs thai,i
    only ever fought in domestic comps ,never international,but did in tkd.This
    was in britain.The standard of thai in europe is miles above the states as
    can be seen here,these guys are kickboxers and bad ones,not thaiboxers as
    you can see they arent used to those rules.

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