Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit

Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit — This Muay Thai heavybag drill is a great way to finish of your training sessions with an intense workout. It’s called 20…

Muay Thai Training - Buakaw, smashing a Tree... Must watch

Koh Lanta, Muay Thai Training.

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43 Responses to “Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit”

  1. ProNoobGaming says:

    will be doing this..switching things up this year. ill use this for my

  2. Yum Yum says:

    i got tired just watching you. but defo gonna try my best at it

  3. Matt Brooks says:

    I just started training muay thai kickboxing I dont think i would have
    energy to do all that at this point =) good form tho dude. and sweet beard.

  4. InspiredTravelers says:

    Great Drill Sean, starting doing it last week!

  5. watercolorist7 says:

    Hell Yeah.. Cool circuit. Im just beginning, but can’t wait to do circuits
    like this. I can’t believe how difficult it is to throw a proper front teep

  6. David Ellis-Long says:

    Hate and love doing these Sean. My trainer has us do these sometimes.
    Definitely a good workout within it self and then at the end we get to go
    all out on the bag just asking as we don’t stop moving.

  7. PNP Supplements says:

    If you want a great cardio building workout, check out this video from Sean
    Faga at Muay Thai Guy.
    Sean has produced a lot of other great drills and workouts for the heavy
    bag. He is giving away a free video course. If you’d like to get it, click
    the link for details.

  8. Kash Mahmood says:

    GR8, thanks for sharing.

  9. Joseph The Crusader says:

    This is fucking sweet man! Will be using this!

  10. Roman Winkler says:

    See you on Facebook. want see more.

  11. keith littler says:

    opinions on Justin Greskiewicz? whats ur weight class?

  12. David Ellis-Long says:

    Love the content Sean. Keep them coming you definitely have helped me with
    your combos. Last week I went head hunting during sparring. Thanks again.

  13. smokeclouds8 says:

    20/20/20 !!!

  14. Emejildo Martinez says:

    Badass I’m doing these

  15. Simon Tolley says:

    Loving these Vids, keep it up Sean!

  16. Drub Co says:

    Your vids are great. I’ve added a few to 

  17. Jeff Robinson says:

    I like it! Thanks Sean!

  18. Samurai Jack says:

    Tree’s don’t hit back.

  19. Greger Karlsson says:

    A lttle passive boxing from Mr Tree Palm, currently ranked nr5 +50kg.
    Strong defense though.

  20. Lorenzo Sommo says:

    That plant fucked his girlfriend

  21. shadow moses says:

    if only all the white guys would learn to train this way they might get

  22. Kevin vr says:

    I bet the tree called his mum a ho or something 

  23. Steven son says:

    i saw a dream where i was fighting with him… now i cant sleep again

  24. Michael Dhani says:

    He should have kicked the coconut tree behind instead. Hopefully that would
    be the next video.

  25. Frempo13/07 says:

    Muay Thai Training – Buakaw, smashing a Tree… Must watch

  26. ReMo79 says:

    Who needs a chainsaw when you have him

  27. emmanuel quiroz says:

    I would hate to be kicked by him 

  28. Super Gaban says:

    that what i called banana KIDS.. try mama banana tree.. the big one

  29. Mussa Kaleem says:

    I tried kicking a Banana Tree they are hard,my leg broke the tree did not.
    This man is powerful.

  30. David Medina says:

    for those who say that the tree don’t hit back, get into a fight with him,
    surely you won’t be able to hit back either lol at least the tree
    is tougher and took 38 secs to bring down, how about the haters, I bet on
    one kick and that would be it

  31. jimmieweathers says:

    What a bully, someone tell that guy to pick on someone his own size… Like
    a steel support beam 

  32. Krupp Ratte says:

    Don’t label your video a “must watch”. We will decide the merits of your
    video, not you.

  33. enver hukic says:

    As soon as my criminal record gets erased am going to buy a gun 

  34. Gualberto Ham says:

    quisiera verlo hacer lo mismo con las palmeras del fondo, jajajajajaja

  35. Rene Villarreal says:

    Thnx for destroying mother nature

  36. Yechezkel Yisrael says:

    Haters smh! Bet you all would break your shins if you tried! 

  37. Jormungandr says:

    Buakaw high as fuck, kicking a palm tree and shit.

  38. YouTube5000 says:

    Now if you do the exact same thing with a 1000 year old redwood tree I’d be

  39. NickPayne6 says:

    its a plant not a tree lol fag

  40. Gman6755 says:

    Don’t label your video a “must watch”. We will decide the merits of your
    video, not you.

  41. k2deepa says:

    thats just a banana tree.. calm down !

  42. takiya genjii says:

    so hard, so fast but so funny….i like it

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