How to Wrap Hands for Kickboxing | Muay Thai

Watch more How to Do Muay Thai Kickboxing videos: Learn how to wrap hands properly for kickboxing from Mushin …
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10 Responses to “How to Wrap Hands for Kickboxing | Muay Thai”

  1. jsmall10671 says:

    Seemed odd at first just laying the wrap on the knuckles, but the
    explanation made total sense. Never thought of having more padding outside
    while keeping the inside less bulky.

  2. Mart van de Wetering says:

    Ive tried a lot of difference hand wrappings,
    like he said everybody has his own way but i think this one is the best for
    your nuckles, thumb and your wrist! it helps me a lot with my training i
    dont get heart anymore when i punch something or someone !

  3. Life Sad says:

    the best way to wrap hands +1… helped me a lot in my training

  4. Bill Nye says:

    finally something useful. OKAY!?

  5. orginallos says:

    first howcast thats quite cool, even tho I dont do any boxing or shit

  6. AsurasWrath says:

    the thumb made this guy look liek Jon Jones lol.

  7. charlene del rey says:

    Thanks :)

  8. Mako Eve says:

    This might actually come in useful

  9. DOGILAND says:

    Fucking awesome

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