How To Throw A Spear Knees – Muay Thai Knee Techniques

A Muay Thai spear knee is one of the most brutal, damaging techniques you can land. Learn how to throw a spear knee with proper Thai boxing technique in this…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “How To Throw A Spear Knees – Muay Thai Knee Techniques”

  1. Jaoo Asiz says:

    That pad holder looks very “gansta” lol

  2. Nico Contreras says:

    Didn´t know that little detail, I can open my hips more, my coach though
    doesn´t like when at the moment of kicking for example I stay at the ball
    of my feet.
    Do you agree with that or you kick flat footed?

  3. Carl-Johan Eld says:

    You have to work on your balance. You’re not supossed to fall forward when
    you’re doing your knee strike. 

  4. jimbanzo says:

    forgive my dumbassness but why do pad holders stick a arm out when they lay
    out the pad for a knee??

  5. smokeclouds8 says:

    I kick on the side of my foot rather then the ball of my foot, is there a
    reason I don’t kick as well on the ball of my foot?

  6. Matthew Rodriguez says:

    @jimbanzo it’s because you have to gauge the distance when landing the
    knee. The pad holder will stick his hand out so you will keep in mind a
    possible counter thrown by you opponent when you throw the knee.

  7. Mirco Böddecker says:

    can you do more vlogs and like a full day of muay thai food i want to see
    what the typical exotic thai meals are . nice video keep it up

  8. Sean Fagan says:

    Throw a knee like a boss. Watch this tutorial now!

  9. jimbanzo says:

    this is bad ass
    thanx sean love the detail

  10. Bruce Wayne says:

    Im training muay thai and this is very helpful ,muay thai guard is very
    helpful for mma fighters.

  11. Sean Andrade says:

    Hello Thai speakers out there! so I would like to understand some of these
    techniques’ names. I’ve studied the Thai alphabet a bit, so I’m decent at
    separating the words correctly. So for example, มอญยันหลัก “Morn (Mon) Yan
    Luk”. I know that หลัก is ‘Luk’ which can mean either ‘Home’ or more along
    the lines of ‘Major; Main; Essential; etc.’ ยัน is the ‘yan’ which means
    push or lean. Finally, there is an ethnic group called the มอญ or the Mon
    in Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). So does this mean “The Major Mon Push”? Or
    am I totally off? Thanks!

  12. Isaiah Wright says:

    thats that real shit… Lol!!!

  13. Isaiah Wright says:

    This is pretty cool… I do this type of stuff.

  14. Captain Killah says:

    clear nockout

  15. BrudderSheets says:

    Ive seen worse acting

  16. Apolonis II says:

    the best!!!!!

  17. HammerBlow500 says:

    Yeah thats what I thought…

  18. Huge Log says:

    It’s the music that is played for muay thai fights and training

  19. Markk Felipe says:

    better watch Ong Bak and see all the moves

  20. Fahmid Rabbir says:

    im gonna use these in my sparring with my freind

  21. Dux Marcius says:


  22. Rapping21 says:

    Thats a SHIT!!!

  23. Timothy Moss says:

    I guess I need build more speed

  24. Dr.Hannibal Lecter says:

    Thumbs up if you want to do muay thai but you can’t :D

  25. LackvipEr says:

    tony jaa is the best THAI WARRIOR

  26. vangogh929 says:

    Am I the only getting hot from the narrators voice?

  27. Flan bin Flan says:

    hahaha its sounds like it, she means” position”

  28. Jesus Moses says:

    I need to invest into some Elblows.

  29. HammerBlow500 says:

    Are they acting or are those strikes connecting as hard as they appear to
    be? o.O

  30. Jan-Eerik Laine says:

    that woman is so hilarious xD

  31. Youssef A. says:

    i gonna kick some ASS cha!!

  32. Penn Martin says:

    traditional thai music back in the ancient times.

  33. ken meas says:

    i know its just demonstration, but some of those they did looked like it
    connected at full speed and the other guy looks like he’s in pain

  34. spottyelvis says:

    I heard brandon lee was supposed to be verry good at muay thai . Does
    anybody know anything about that.

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