How to Do Roundhouse Kick in Kickboxing | Muay Thai

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Muaythai_Chanpuek Kiatsongrit(TH) vs Rick Roufus(USA)_Part.3.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “How to Do Roundhouse Kick in Kickboxing | Muay Thai”

  1. Mael Strom says:

    Lol no, that hand slicing is to balance the body while kicking

  2. Benny Tsui says:

    @Eugene McDonald – the downward way is called the cock and release method.
    the way demonstrated in this video is the “easier” way to kick in my
    opinion. Both works good but i think cock and release method takes less
    energy but is harder to learn for beginners… 

  3. Nätpedofilen Anders says:

    heexx är fan cp

  4. wwefroogy says:

    Holy shit I just realized I was in the same locker room with this man after
    class last week. Nice

  5. xkuromusha says:

    Lol Norris is a legit martial artist. He has a BJJ black belt from the
    Machado family, a black belt in karate, and tsd.

  6. gibson00000000000000 says:

    *insert Chuck Norris joke*

  7. Nephilim X says:

    I think the downward motion is for low kicks. Or you might be really tall
    and it causes you to not have to lift your leg as high

  8. Garehhh says:

    There’s gonna be so many Chuck Norris jokes above me.

  9. Florian Neiss says:

    8 times OK 4 times alright

  10. Eugene McDonald says:

    ok im confused, when i first started my roundhouses i was told this same
    way, step out, twist waist , and kick without foot, today i was told
    instead of just kicking ,to kick in a downward motion. if this makes any
    sense to anyone can they explain why theres two ways of kicking?

  11. Parkour Nation says:

    @ThePyraTech Yes 2-4 times a day i recommend yoga it works wonders on the
    body and mind

  12. ThePyraTech says:

    i cant even get my leg that high.. should i practice stretching them

  13. Diamondice25 says:

    CORRECT :D !!!!

  14. Diamondice25 says:

    Can anyone count how many times he says the word “OK”

  15. lucas kelzer says:

    i used to throw these really mean round house kicks but for some reason im
    not as well balanced when throwing one from the right anymore. ive studied
    muay thai for a while and I used to be able to pivot on my foot so well
    that I didn’t even have to do the step in that we usually do

  16. NovakGoran says:

    terrible form

  17. evergreenmanJ says:

    7 times

  18. JohnnyZoo says:

    5 times ok 2 times alright

  19. kingjeff says:

    He said i wanna hit with my shit 37-38

  20. fixdeluxe1 says:

    Stupid chuck norris jokes,fuck off.You aren’t funny…

  21. grabir01 says:

    Not sure why they slap kick with the leg.. If they would learn to use the
    ball, the penetration would be much much better and much more devastating.

  22. flaviooftw says:

    1:57 he leaves his guard down, easy to counter that

  23. keirrocks212 says:

    dammit so close D:

  24. Captain Nemo says:

    IF full Muay Thai rules applied, with Knees and Elbows were allowed to use
    , Lufus would have absolutely and definitely no chance to last to The 4Th

  25. จยคะเนีย กระดอพลอมแพลม says:

    shut the fuck up nigga.

  26. ธันวา วงศ์ผู้ดี says:

    มันสู้ไม่ไหว กรรมการมึงก็ไม่ยอมยุติการชกเนาะ

  27. สิทธิรักษ์ หนองแก้ว says:

    กรรมการก้อช่วยมึงไม่ได้ไอ้ริก เจอของจิงเปนไงมึงโกงมาหลายไฟท์แล้ว 

  28. Mongolian Kirat says:

    Asian rules. american are pussies without guns. 

  29. ttn tintanad says:


  30. tojiroh says:

    The commentators sound as clueless as Rick’s leg defense.

  31. addykreang kreang says:

    มวยไทยจริง จากไทยจริง ไม่ใช่ของเล่น จำไว้อย่าเอามวยไทยจริงไปชกอีกเข้าใจ

  32. Cqq Cqq says:

    i bet the kickboxer dude feel painfully bad when the referee cut muaythai
    dude 3 points …. hehehehe.

  33. ปรีชา ปิยะรัตน์ says:

    ช่วงนั้นเห็นมีแต่ ช้างเผือก ที่รับมือต่างชาติประจำ เพราะเวทีนิยมมวยไอ้แอ๊ด
    เล่นได้เสีย ขอขอบคุณ ช้างเผือกมากๆครับ ขณะนี้อยู่ที่ไหน

  34. วิว คุง says:

    แค่ตั้งกาด ก็จะกินหัวคุ่ต่อสู้ละ มวยไทยน่ากลัวจริงๆ

  35. Bee BeeR says:

    มืงจะวิ่งอ้อมเวที ทำไม เจอมวยไทยไล่เตะ ซะใจ จุง!

  36. Waruth KiloNine says:

    99problem form Roufus sidekick. 

  37. ufounddiesel74 says:

    Fight should have stopped way earlier , bad ref and a bad corner, throw in
    the towel 

  38. fabriciomeirana says:

    Tienen hachas por piernas

  39. Thanawath Somboot says:


  40. yasumpuss1ey says:

    We seem a red taking three points off one penalty smh he musta really want
    the white guy to win

  41. JAYA ASMAT says:

    Run for ur life

  42. yasumpuss1ey says:

    3points off cus he’s Asian smh

  43. ton tana says:


  44. พีระพล วงศ์ทอง says:

    rufus isnt use to these rules? what? isnt this is style of rules/ its
    obviously not muaythai rules. these american comentator r so bias and
    trying tol make excuses for their pathetic white boy

  45. lokoang says:

    Rufus has hurt him a lot .. Hahaha yeah right

  46. shinzantetsu says:

    a kick or knee I would hate to receive would be from a muay thai

  47. muaythaidav77 says:

    Ha. Kick boxing vs muaythai???? Who thought of this mismatch??? Obviously
    doesn’t know much about the two!!!!
    Think he got off lightly to be honest!! What if had had use of knees and
    elbows and clinch?? I’d hate to think!!! 

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