Fighting Techniques for Muay Thai


Vut Kamnark Muay Thai Boxing Volume 4: Fighting Techniques Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and one of the most feared ring sports in the world! C…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

El Muay Thai se ha convertido en un símbolo nacional de la historia y la identidad del Reino de Tailandia. Sus raíces están en el Muay Boran, variante tradic…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Fighting Techniques for Muay Thai”

  1. Robert Esquivel says:

    Muay Thai Basics part4 Fighting Techniques

  2. Good Soul says:

    What kind of a boxing gloves is that its too small. Well this is what
    should muay thai use in a fight it will maximize damage and they’re punches
    will be quicker and more opten

  3. emrah d says:

    People who hit dislike think they know better.

  4. José Carlos Lázaro Castellanos says:

    Buenas tardes Vut.
    Muchas gracias por colgar este maravilloso tutorial, ¿proprias realizar un
    tutorial que nos enseñe el clinch.

  5. ken kennedy says:

    very helpful video

  6. Addrian Olson says:

    I love how his shorts says nut just under his balls.

  7. Wu Song says:

    The most comprehensive master of Thai boxing.

  8. andrew glass says:

    Kru Vut you are the best

  9. Muay Thai Ring says:

    Fighting Techniques for Muay Thai

  10. Boxeo Thai says:

    Fighting Techniques for Muay Thai

  11. Ex USN-LT says:

    This was very useful and thank you sir, I compete in MT and BJJ for fun so
    I can apply what I learned here and I agree every fighter and trainer is
    different you can learn from all of them. I”ll bet you the six dislikes are
    from guys who thought he was hard after watching this so he got his as(s)
    kicked in a street fight. 

  12. FYPNLP says:

    this is a very cool. thank you so much

  13. Cro nus says:

    Excellent video and Kut is a great instructor. Principle you can apply in
    any martial arts. 

  14. blazeforever says:

    great instructor… 

  15. VelaToNorma7 says:

    How effective is this against FMA?

    Answer: Not at all. 

  16. Muay Thai Kai says:

    Muay Thai training!

  17. santabarbaraca2010 says:

    Muay Thai,is a great sport.

  18. יורם בן שמעון says:
  19. Manapoker1 says:

    gracias, un video genial !!!

  20. TopChef190 says:

    OMG thats my gym, Muay Thai Academy!

  21. Tyler Chula says:

    love this!!!!!!!!1 <3 o helpful

  22. victor ruiz says:

    best video

  23. Riko o says:

    is he going to fall down at the end ? haha of course not you fools ;)
    thanks for the perfect videos! helped a lot! cheers’

  24. thekiwininja99 says:

    looks like a fun place to train.

  25. luis fernando pavao says:


  26. Sertanejo Tanejo says:

    chutes perfeitos

  27. juanchaclana says:

    I fucking love muay thai and it hurt to say this but it wasnt the strongest
    kick a Taekwondo guy throw the hardest ive seen all tho,ive watch a man
    brake a maple bat with a mauy,that kick

  28. Jaylynn Garrett says:

    Usted no es soy Mexican.

  29. Joey Ra says:

    Limp Bizkit – My Way

  30. jon moore says:

    cool one ty

  31. Zaeleos says:

    that’s because tony jaa does muay boran, which is more raw rather than
    mixed with western boxing for ring sport.

  32. Tizzy FoTwenty says:

    funny, this looks just like the tae bo one. too cheap to hire real actors

  33. 2KRICHKID says:

    Muay Thai best fighting style

  34. Sinte Lyons says:

    it might sound funny but the way i learned from Tony Jaa….. I spent three
    years at my own house looking like a fool infront everyone, and whut I did
    was give myself classes, I was watching ong-bak and learned from tht and
    picked up new moves, I basically was self taught, its weird but I’m still
    practicing…but I am not pro…..I’m still a beginner

  35. Terevevo Jany says:

    Eres un ko!!! Couyuken

  36. XiloveKoRnX says:

    Ugh I love Muay Thai. I’d love to learn some of it one day.

  37. Arda Tunc says:

    TONY JAA 40 yaş altında tartışmasız en iyisi :)

  38. Arda Tunc says:

    TONY JAA > Boyka,,,Tony Great and amazing and awensome and FANTASTİC,,ve
    bana göre the EXPENDABLES’te mutlaka olmalı,KEANU REEVES,TONY,LAURENCE

  39. Anthony Jones says:

    shit dude thanks for showing me this I’ll be ok if I get jumped now

  40. Jessica Garcia says:

    jja q chebre le di duro a un chino

  41. Chuck Norris says:

    I just got out of jail by claiming self-defense. The dude I fought was
    killed after I attempted the 3rd move. Don’t try this.

  42. geciamo mattos says:

    valeu mano muito bom essas tecnicas

  43. DJBeeyatch says:

    Oh cool! Does this actually work on moving people?

  44. Juan Moreno says:

    Why not the hanuman

  45. Alder Corey Taylor says:

    limp bizkit my way

  46. Sterling Lawson says:


  47. Sierra MatchKing says:

    Hey! It’s the Silver Surfer vs. The T1000.

  48. darwinabbisani says:

    If it too short try to pinch the middle thigh

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