Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves.
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annual muay kad chueg event in laos. some white guy from canada beats down a chinese guy. canadian guys name is nikola benic. muay kad chueg is muay thai wit…
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17 Responses to “Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves”

  1. jack bonnin says:

    Them are a good pair of gloves.

  2. shoekicks sole says:

    Those entry lv everlast gloves at the sporting good store are trash. 

  3. Charles BOIDART says:

    vicious fight

  4. CitizenSnipsify says:

    Brain damage is overrated.

  5. A.David Piercey says:

    it’s muay thai not boxing! i’m sure the last thing buddy thought when he
    was flying out of the ring wasn’t anything to do with gloves on his hands.
    but a mat on the floor. a four foot free fall on concrete probably hurts
    more than a punch in the face. not to mention getin’ kicked in the head or
    a good hard knee.

  6. Marvin Ortiz says:

    gsp has nothing to do with muay thai, at least not if he wants to stay
    successful haha

  7. brenttiefenbach says:

    u must be bosnian or croation lmao u mad bro ?

  8. Sebas Kush says:

    haha thats my boyyyy kick his asssss throw him out that ring

  9. malickdiallo says:

    fucking right eh, ur fighting in muay thai thats fucking crazy man. Ur
    clinches look deadly man. Where u training at?

  10. Solidus43 says:

    LionelWitchieWardrob way to quote joe rogan

  11. UserDesignsHD says:

    Whats mui thai?

  12. LionelWitchieWardrob says:

    gloves don’t protect the brain guys, they protect the hands and stop cuts.
    in some ways they’re more dangerous because people can fight longer= more
    blows to the head

  13. Kerry Redwood Atjecoutay says:

    LOL excellent

  14. Marvin Ortiz says:

    damn little technique from both haha, sick putasos being thrown though

  15. paulunavailable says:

    did you have a brain injury? because you’re talking about yourself in third
    person and wouldn’t even address your opponent’s name. f’n retard “some
    white guy from canada beats down a chinese guy” go play tennis you serbian
    fuck cocky little shit

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