Beginners Group Muay Thai Training

Beginners Group Muay Thai Training

A typical beginners group training session with a heavy emphasis on technique, flexibility and conditioning. Students from all over the world enjoying a muay…

A day in the life of a Tiger Muay Thai Guest, Reza, as he trains at the camp and around other parts of Phuket, Thailand. http:/…
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16 Responses to “Beginners Group Muay Thai Training”

  1. ClaudiaCheer says:

    Seeing some overweight/obese people here makes me happy because they’re
    trying to make a change 

  2. LunatikThaGOD™ says:

    I am currently training at studio 2000 muay thai academy in Derby England
    and I will be doing my blue grade in a few weeks. Next year I am looking
    for a gym to train in Thailand and so far I like the look of this gym. The
    problem with many gys in they are really expensive buy if you train Muay
    Thai and havent been to train in the birthplace Thailand, well you really
    havent trained Muay Thai untill you get trained by the Thais

  3. Katrina Sanchez says:

    Whoa, you can tell that most of these people have no previous martial arts
    or combat sport experience. The way they move is so awkward.

  4. Aaron Veverka says:

    Beginners Group Muay Thai Training:

  5. billy bob says:

    this is for beginners i go in 2 weeks ive never sjipped in my life!!

  6. xiOlliee says:

    4:05, spot the irish guy(most likely)

  7. GobbleMikeHawk says:

    Look so fucking cool! Would love to get into some hardcore training at a
    fighting sport! My mobility is utter shit though so that would need some
    serious work haha.

  8. MrLeemac17 says:

    The stance of the girl with the blond hair looks a bit wrong to me..” Very
    narrow with her feet instead of a wider stance, is this the style from this
    gym or is she just getting it wrong?

  9. Koh Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness Gym says:
  10. Koh Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness Gym says:
  11. Kombo Breaker says:

    Someone needs to bulk down. He’s pouring sweat like after one round?

  12. eb ola says:

    His muay thai skills makes him look weak like a pleb

  13. tooslis lauj says:

    Crossfit with Muay Thai

  14. Carlito Hustle says:

    Great vid. 

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