5 Kickboxing Kicking Techniques | Muay Thai

Watch more How to Do Muay Thai Kickboxing videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/504047-5-Kickboxing-Clinch-Techniques-Muay-Thai Learn how to do five kicking …
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25 Responses to “5 Kickboxing Kicking Techniques | Muay Thai”

  1. Ben Peterson says:

    His kicks are wrong, you have to turn your standing foot for more power.

  2. Btwist ML says:

    he needs to streach more =P

  3. MultiWatcher1000 says:

    I agree. You must do this move when opponent does not expect it ?

  4. samuel smith says:

    thats the risk you take to execute the most powerful and effective kick.

  5. Paul Lariviere says:

    spoken like someone who has never done this haha…you block with your
    shins, not your knee. leg kicks are crazy effective though and one of the
    most dangerous, if landed. also, your opponent can block any kick, punch,
    elbow, knee that you throw (or counter any grapple, for that
    matter)…tinsletooth is 100% right about the timing…watch any
    professional fight and you can probably count on your hands how many times
    either fighter has a totally clean, unblocked strike

  6. Bishiba92 says:

    Yeah, you’d kick his ass

  7. Hellsconsort says:

    Doesn’t that kill your shins? I heard once that people used to tap glass
    bottles on their shin bones to kill the nerves but I don’t know if that is
    just an old tale.

  8. Hideous Ramon says:

    This guy sounds like a character from a Guy Ritchie film…

  9. FHINNY FIN says:


  10. kb92530 says:

    in my honest opinion their wives tales from non-fighters or badly
    misinformed fighters nothing compares to a heavy bag I don’t care what
    anyone says !! living proof in the link

  11. Bizniz voorjemoer says:

    i found a cheat on this tutorial series just go to the mid of every vid to
    skip all the bullshit

  12. Lawrence Honrales says:

    that’s 45° kick

  13. TheChampGaming says:

    thats not how “howcast” works. this is a community channel where people
    from almost any type of activity post videos. if you subscribe you get all
    the videos. smarten up…….

  14. tang says:

    I cant stand the adds,waste my half a minute

  15. Erik Wagner says:

    …Um that dude totally has 6 toes!!

  16. MultiWatcher1000 says:

    0:51 dont do this move cause opponent can block you with knee and break
    your leg

  17. thehopoman says:

    im a southpaw the technique is the same..when kicking with the rear leg you
    take your step just like this..and is easier to make contact with your lead
    leg on the leg of your opponent..you circle out to the right all the time
    avoiding his power hand and kick..and its easier for you to kick with your
    power leg to the head..be careful tho they can kick you too.. peace bro
    hope it helped in some way

  18. GameBagGames PVP says:

    his accent

  19. WeenkerIV says:

    wtf are u talking about

  20. Liquido Suave says:

    Thumbs up for the love of Muay Thai :)

  21. Tyler Chassie says:

    Its all about timing. If you fail to time any kick you will be countered.

  22. Casper Rose says:

    the white guy’s legs are like twigs

  23. Dakota Johnson says:

    what if your a southpaw ( left handed fighter )

  24. Hellsconsort says:

    So…bullshit/fighters equivalent of wives tales or is there any truth in

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