2014 Tiger Muay Thai Team Tryout Documentary: Episode 2

In this installment of the 2014 Tiger Muay Thai Tryout series, the athletes compete in some authentic Muay Thai training. Tiger Muay Thai invited 26 up and c…
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25 Responses to “2014 Tiger Muay Thai Team Tryout Documentary: Episode 2”

  1. jamx97 says:

    I think this is bullshit training. It is demoralizing and does not foster
    the sort of development that a fighter needs to grow.

  2. Shabree Finger says:

    This is great!!

  3. Jay D Abbott says:

    I was trained just like this only my trainer was 240lb and i was 145lbs. We
    did pad work together and it was a fight for my life every time… This is
    what real thai training is, brutal and mean… no more no less… i got
    hurt way more in practice than i ever did in a fight. 

  4. wcsgino says:

    who is the trainer with the bandana?? he needs a video!

  5. 031ish says:

    For those of you complaining about the training. This is to see how far a
    fighter can be pushed. Having skill is one thing but having heart and drive
    for me is one of the most important aspects a fighter can have! Everything
    else can be built with time. During a fighters career there are going to be
    times where you are put into horrible situations with your opponents all
    over you. Some people in that situation will break and some people will
    soldier it through. This is a good way of picking out the ones who will
    break and its a reality check for a lot of people. I have been training MT
    for years and nothing has got me ready for a fight better then a trainer
    hitting back hard during pad sessions. These guys are not being judged for
    art school. This is fighting and hard training produces hard fighters!

  6. godhell87 says:

    Never seen this type of training session been done in Thailand, been to
    quite few muay thai gyms around Thailand, only place where they used full
    elbows (like 40-70% power depending on who you clinch with) during
    clinching was at Saengmorakot in Bangkok and you can probably find some
    other gyms aswell do this, else it’s just been like not even a hit just
    showing “I could elbow you there” and stop before it even hit the chin, I
    can understand you go that hard if you are going to have a fight during
    SPARRING, but some of those knee’s were a bit uncalled for (like those
    during pads, very difficult to block if it’s a pad session where the
    trainer has full controll of what your doing but you have no idea what the
    trainer will be doing, it’s easier when sparring because you look in a
    different way on the body, at least I do…) and the kicks when the guys
    were swept to the floor, if you are clinching you rarely go any power
    straight up the middle only on the sides like Ncedo Gomba did, you are just
    destroying training partners that way and after a while nobody will clinch
    with you (basically no human can fully block a full power knee with good
    technique with your stomch muscles alone, there is technique on how to take
    those)… I mean this is just a hell session, it’s nothing but thai
    trainers beating down MMA fighters(?) in muay thai… I know not everyone
    has heart but send them to Bangla stadium or Patong stadium against some
    trainer from another gym who can go hard instead and you will see their
    heart work or not, it works different in a fight and in a training session.

    Then again, most MMA fighter’s doesn’t have any muay thai experience, very
    few blocked any kicks in the video so I would probably do same thing if I
    held pads for them, at least the trainers had some fun!

    Just my point of view.

  7. Ajeje Brazorf says:

    i’m sure the thais were laughing at those guys. you think a real class
    athlete would do this retarded training? one thai was hitting them while
    they were down with kicks and knees, you think great champions like tyson,
    anderson silva, buakaw etc do this? if they have to lose their chin at
    least they must lose it during sparring.

  8. Rayzor Genesis says:

    Damn i should b in this… Anyone knows where this is?

  9. Andreas Savv says:

    muay thai is the best martial art. its so strong,and dangerous techniques,
    really hard training. i am a muay thai warrior 11 maybe 12 years and i feel
    so much self-collected, calm,health…. :) As well as being i love muay

  10. Good Soul says:

    Is used to depend mma fighters honor to my friends telling them mma
    fighters can strike but after seeing this i have a slight change of view
    now :(

  11. christ1ian1mas says:

    totally can’t imagine being hit by a trainer with NO shin pads. and being
    knee’d in the face

  12. 121mendez says:

    3:12 Murilo Bustamanch!

  13. Joshua Crane says:

    +Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand I would love to
    have an opportunity to train with you guys! Such heart! One day, when I
    save the money, I will come train and test myself and my ability!

  14. godzangel100 says:

    best muy thai session ever lol

  15. flyingeagle357 says:

    Ha ha, always good to see a bunch of occidental tatooed beer drinkers to
    get learned the art of muay thai the hard way. Seems like a wake up call
    for much of them LOL

  16. noestoyfacil says:

    nothing wrong with the training really this is how it is.

  17. scyther6666 says:

    This is just incredible. I wish I could take part in something like this.
    In the heartland of Muay Thai

  18. Brian Smith says:

    This is not a Muay Thai Training Session ! This is a Fighter Selection
    Trials ! so Man Up !

  19. Lenilson Medeiros says:

    High Level, extreme …. Very hard.

  20. IRON_THAI says:

    you want the glory….sweat for it. you want the respect…..earn it with
    blood and tears….nobody forced these guys to train with the tiger muay
    thai group…they literally asked for it….respect to the guys who had no

  21. shin kicker says:

    So you just have to take the trainers elbowing and kneeing you in the head
    without sparing back?

  22. Hideki Ryuuga says:

    Anyone know the name of the music in the background when they’re training? 

  23. adnatal says:

    I understand it’s important to test their character, but kneeing someone in
    the sternum really benefits nobody.

  24. paulkstar says:

    To take low kicks like that you would probably have to do at LEAST 2 years
    of hard Muay Thai training and conditioning

  25. Jawad4lyfe2 says:

    A lot of thai trainers never do this especially in Thailand everything us
    mainly sa bai sa bai, maye pin lai. But I now understand why they would do
    this only to the MMA 100 percent muay thai guys like me find this funny

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